Friday, December 10, 2010

Drinking champagne, eating rotini and sauce out of a Pyrex measuring cup, and a fun-size Milky Way for dessert

Happy Friday!

On one hand I'm glad it's Friday, because, woo, it's Friday and people like Fridays! On the other hand, it doesn't really mean too much to me today. I'm still working at the shop and it's still really busy! Tonight I'm going to hang out with Marley and meet her daughter Zoe. Zoe sounds pretty cool. I hear we are going to play Barbies and drink cocoa, so I am all for that!

I am sad that today is the last day I'll be working at the shop with our barista Heidi. Heidi is AWESOME and I love her so much. She is a perfect fit for the shop, makes good drinks, and people like her. I am really, really glad that Steve has someone as awesome as her around because we have had some not-so-great baristas and workers and it sucks hearing about how crazy busy the shop is and workers aren't showing up. Ugh.

So the only pictures I've taken lately are on my phone. Here's what I've been looking at!

 This picture is being a butt, so just turn your head sideways to view it correctly. Earrings from Janine bought at Ketchikan Dry Goods, best store in town.

 We made KDG their own coffee today! SO CUTE! (And delicious!)

 Stormy morning with a view of the beach, taken yesterday morning around 7:30 from the house.

 Stormy and rainy!

 We decorated our coffee trees!!!

New scarf from KDG, only $14! I love it.

Tomorrow night I'll be spending my last night in Ketchikan for awhile. So sad! I'll be working all day by myself on Saturday, so hopefully I make some good tips. Afterward I'll go to Myurgen's (Myrna & Jurgen's) house with a few other people for dinner. It should be a good time and nice to see people one last time before I go back down south!

Not related to this trip, but here's a picture I found on my laptop that I took back when Jonathan and I were on our Alaska trip in September. Beautiful!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

P.S. The title of this blog post is in reference to what I had for dinner last night. There isn't really anything in this house I'm staying at, so I've been eating pasta noodles with sauce poured over them, served in a Pyrex measuring cup because there really isn't anything else to eat out of. I do have a fancy glass for my champagne, though!

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