Monday, December 20, 2010

Oh, what a night. Late December back in '63...

Boy, this was a really great past few days! Lots of excitement and awesomeness.

I took this picture on Wednesday morning, I believe. I got off the MAX and the sky was so beautiful against this building!

Then on Thursday night it was the first night since coming back from Ketchikan that I have cooked at home in ages. With all the extra work at Old Navy I've been doing, I just haven't had time, so Jonathan has been an amazing super man and has been doing the cooking and cleaning. He does so good! I know I've said it a million times, but he is the BEST and I really appreciate how much he helps out. But I do miss cooking dinner because I love it, so I was really excited to cook on Thursday. I was going to make venison! I haven't ever cooked it myself, nor have I eaten it in years, which is super sad. I used to go hunting with my dad every season but since moving out I haven't gotten to do it! I really liked going hunting. Well, when I was in Ketchikan my friends Warren and Janine gave me four venison steaks! So I decided I'd cook two of them up how I was used to eating them, which is breaded and fried.

 Frying up the steakie bits

 Cheesy roasted veggies!

Dinner was DELICIOUS, omg.

You can see the rest of the pictures I took as I was cooking dinner here in this album, which also tells how to make them. This would probably be good with other meats, but I hardly ever fry anything (the only foods I can think of that I fry are falafel and fish cakes). Jonathan liked eating venison like this so much he wants me to cook them again just like this. I am more than happy to do this!

Friday was reeeeeaaaalllly exciting for me because I realized that my school term for EOU will be paid off with the amount of money that I earned working for the coffee shop last week. Since I'm still putting in lots of hours at Old Navy I decided to get myself a really good Christmas present. I haven't bought myself a new toy in awhile. I splurged a little bit.


I am so crazy excited about my iPad it's not even funny. This thing is my new BFF. It really is as awesome as people say. To the grinches out there that I have talked to (and it may even be you as you read this), YES, I know the price is probably coming down later this year and YES I know that they are going to make the screen even *better* than how totally awesome this one already is and YES I know that there will probably be a camera in the next one, but I really don't care. I am 110% happy with this one and if I was always waiting for the next best thing then life would be kinda sad.

I did get the one with 3G because if I wanted to use it in Ketchikan (or Sea-Tac, as I was going to Ketchikan) then I wouldn't be able to use it because there is no free wifi in the Seattle airport and there is hardly wifi anywhere in Ketchikan. So having the option was worth the extra money to me.

I ordered this case for it:

Image from here.

I have been wanting a charcoal grey felt case for something for quite some time now. I don't know why. Charcoal is my favorite neutral and I keep seeing pretty felt cases for things on Etsy, but I never had anything to put in something like that, so I never bought one. But now I do and I am super excited for my case to come from Germany! They raised the price after I bought my case, so it's now a little more than I paid for it. I bought it from Feruto Bags on Etsy. I should get it in about two weeks. Sigh!

Yesterday turned out to be an even better day than I had thought it would be. I still have my sucky cold that I may have mentioned this past week. My throat is usually either sore or I am coughing. I have woken myself up coughing for a few nights now and it's not fun! So I woke up early yesterday and went out to the couch and read blogs from the iPad for a few hours. I was supposed to meet up with Nicolle at 11 at Stumptown, so I was looking forward to that!

We met up and had a great time catching up. I haven't hung out with her in probably a month, which is super sad! I've just been so busy with work right now. So it was super awesome to see her and hear about how she's been. Some friends of ours (Amy & Cori) were selling their wares at a craft market happening, so we decided to go check it out. I felt so yucky but we had so much fun! I did end up buying a fish mobile by a lady here in town. I had her fish mobiles favorited in my Etsy for awhile, but I spent twenty minutes yesterday trying to find either her or her fish mobiles online, so I think she may have taken her fish offline for the market. I can't remember her shop name either! If you know who she is please let me know so I can gladly list her Etsy. She was so nice, too!

 EDIT: Found her! Please visit Darling Savage on Etsy for fishie wall goodness.

As Nicolle and I were leaving we saw this cool tiger tag on the building:

I took her home and then headed home myself. When I got home Jonathan told me he was taking me to Broder for my belated birthday dinner! What a nice surprise!! We have both been wanting to go to Broder for quite some time, but we don't eat out much and haven't really had the funds to for awhile, so I had told him I wanted to go there for my birthday dinner. Since I had the LEEP on my birthday and then went to Ketchikan a few days later and were out of town for Thanksgiving the week before, there hadn't been any time we could have gone.
 Our matching Tuffies before we left the house

We each had the fish cakes, which were delicious. I had the greens as my side and Jonathan had the Jannsson's Temptation, which I don't remember what it was made from, but it was GOOD. I also had the drink called the Midnight Sun, which was made with linie, grapefruit juice, lingonberries, and something else. It was yummy!

Afterward we went to Pix Patisserie for treats, as I never got a cake, cupcakes, pie, etc on my birthday. I got the Ichabod Creme (aka "chocolate birds nest") and Jonathan got the St. Honore. Both were very delicious!
 Kinda dark, but totally delicious!

And now I am writing this on Sunday, a lazy day for now, but I have to work at Old Navy from 6-10pm tonight, and then every night after my normal work day from 4:45-8:45pm for the next four days. I am going to be a busy gal for the next week!

What about you? Did you have a good weekend?


  1. Followed your link from Shybiker's and I'm glad, I did, I love your blog! The lay-out is clean and the content is fantastic!

    I am, btw, 110% in agreement with you, it doesn't matter what sorts of upgrade they're making on the iPad, I think it is brilliant as it is. I wish I can discover more ways to use mine, I heard you can unlock it and a whole of plethora of possibilities just opens up!

    Merry Christmas!



  2. Yay, thank you so much! I just went and checked out your blog and YAY! Super excited to find a new blog to add to my Reader. :o)

    Yeah, people are STILL telling me, "Oh, blah blah shoulda waited blah blah camera!" But I really don't care. A few people it seems as though they're trying on purpose to make me feel bad about my purchase! Sorry, people, not gonna happen. :o)