Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You are my favorite and I love you

I'm kind of excited for school to start next term. Only this term and next term and I am DONE with my bachelor's degree. Finally. Only took me a few extra years, since I wasn't actually "trying" to get it, but I'm proud of myself for deciding I was going to get it and then following through with it. I'm also really looking forward to not having to pay for school again. Geez. I'm especially looking forward to this term because I'll be taking a class called "Anthropology of Food and Nutrition," which should (judging from the name) combine several things which interest me.

One of the books required for the class is An Edible History of Humanity. It just sounds so neat to me! I'm really looking forward to reading this book. I am going to start reading it sometime soon. Another book which I'm looking forward to reading is Green, Greener, Greenest, which Murgen referred to me when I was visiting Ketchikan. I found both of these books used through Powell's Books. I was able to purchase them online and then pick them up at the Powell's on Hawthorne. That's pretty gosh darn cool to me to be able to do that.

P.S. I'd love to hear what you are reading. I'm always on the lookout for good book recommendations!

I'm looking forward to having Friday and Saturday off from work. Jonathan and I will be driving down to his parents' house on Friday sometime and staying the night and spending Christmas with them. We'll tote Artoo and all of our presents (and laundry!) down there. I can't wait to open presents! I plan on reading both of the books I mentioned above on the way to and from Cheshire. I'll bring my headlamp so I can read in the dark in the car, if necessary.

I wish we would have been in Ketchikan last night for winter solstice. There are always lots of parties and the party at the Hole in the Wall is always really good!

This is our little apartment-sized Christmas tree that we put up every year:

It has little "s'mores snowmen" on it.

Aren't they cute?

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