Friday, December 17, 2010

I own the night and I don't need no help

I've been thinking lately about my "resolutions" for this upcoming year. I hate to use the term "resolution" because I feel like it's viewed as these decisions that people are going to be all gung-ho about for maybe a month or two and then go back to whatever they were doing before. But I would really like to incorporate these things into what I'm doing now or get these things done sometime relatively soon.

1. I'd like to start scanning my receipts, invoices, and whatever paperwork I usually hang onto and save them on my computer, versus having a ton of paperwork around. I always save these papers and they go into a big, messy, ugly stack in our hall closet with the intention of filing them someday, which usually turns out to be only like three times a year. We have so little space as it is that having several years' worth of paperwork (filed in files or not) takes up quite a bit of space. We scored a brand new all-in-one for $12 at the Salvation Army earlier this year, but since it needs new ink cartridges and I haven't gotten to buy them yet we can't use the scanning function. (Whoever invented all-in-ones and made it so you can't even use the function that does NOT use ink without ink is a jerkface.)

2. Get rid of more stuff. As mentioned before, we don't have a ton of space in our apartment. There's stuff that I've held onto because I am a sentimental sap, but even sentimental saps reach their limits. (I am glad I found my limit before I appeared on the show "Hoarders" and Jonathan and I are walking around the apartment through trails made out of piles of junk and we can't find our pets.) I am WAY better than I used to be and am actually pretty proud that I've been able to finally get rid of some of the stuff that I have, but a lot of it is just "stuff" that I've tied a memory to and then it can make it so hard to get rid of. But it's OKAY to get rid of things. It's not like keeping chairs and shelves in storage because we don't have any room to actually "use" them helps keep memories alive. It would be awesome if Jonathan could go through some of his "stuff" that I know he doesn't use, hasn't used since we moved in together two years ago, and I'm pretty certain he will never use. I do have quite a bit of stuff in my mind that I want to sell on eBay, list on Craigslist, or just donate somewhere, but I just need the time to do it! Hopefully I can make it happen soon.

Okay, so really only two "resolutions" that I can think of so far. What about you? What are you trying to do differently?

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