Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not so much today...

My brain is a little zonked. Yesterday was a good day, but I was busy all evening, so no post written until now! I came home after work and cut up some veggies to go with my leftover salmon for dinner. I read blogs for a bit. I tried on my Christmas party dress, which fits!! I went to yoga class (yay! love!) and then came home to get Jonathan. We went to Target, where they didn't have any of the shoes I wanted to try on with my dress, but at least I know I still wear a 6.5. I enjoyed a glass of wine and read and then went to bed. A pretty satisfying evening.

And now it is Wednesday morning! Today I get to go to the dentist and I also have a facial scheduled with Anna for tonight at 7. The Great Stress Breakout of October 2010 is looking better, but it would be nice to have it totally cleared up by the fire department Christmas party. Today is going to be a pretty good day! I'm excited to not work tomorrow and have the whole day to myself, although I get to go to Jessica's and be her bath goodie minion.

I leave you with my friend Tara's new blog, Making A Good Life One Day At a Time. She is a friend I met in Russian class a lot time ago, then her and her husband started coming to the coffee shop, and now they have moved to Nome, where life is completely different. She has a super cute new daughter, too. I wish her well in life!

Oh, one more thing. We are selling sampler packs of coffee that are perfect for gifts and stocking stuffers! They are $17.95 each. You have your choice of six 1/4lb bags of coffee or four 1/2lb bags of coffee. Just a (delicious) thought!

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