Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Like a scientist when I'm applyin' this

Sooo excited! Yesterday was an excellent day! I got to ride Eleanor to and from work (although I got a flat on the way home, but I was still less than a mile from home!) and when I got home I had my new panniers to greet me! THEY ARE AWESOME. They're from Laplander Bags and I am floored at how spectacular they are. They're custom made and just gorgeous. I picked out the fabric for the inside of the bags. They'll look so good on Eleanor. I can't use them yet because Jonathan hasn't gotten me my birthday bike rack yet, so now I can just look at them and be excited.

 Ooh, what could it be?

Rolled up panniers! (And shoulder strap to carry them with!)


Super sweet metal buckle

Jonathan is jealous of my buckle

We caught Halo trying to peek inside the bag

Upside-down view of the inside of the top flap. I love this fabric! These bags are sewn SO well. I am so impressed with the amount of work that went into them. Totally worth the investment.

Super cute note (They called me "Brit"!) and pin

I can't wait to use them now and test them out in the rain. They are a good size and will hold way more than I was originally thinking.

After yesterday's pannier excitement I had a group interview at Old Navy to be seasonal help. I should be finding out today if they've hired me. It will end up being INSANE because it is Old Navy at the mall. My god. But it's only for a month and a half or so and so I can handle that. As long as it's not working for Papaya (Worst Job Ever) then I'm good to go!

I talked to Steve yesterday and I will be barista-ing while I'm at the coffee shop! I guess one of our baristas is leaving at the end of this month, so I will be taking her hours. Yay! I am going to kick so much butt. He has a special project for me, too.

Speaking of the coffee shop, tomorrow we'll be announcing an exciting sale we have planned for the Black Friday holiday shopping time. I'm really, really excited. We've never done anything like this sale.

I'm looking forward to coming home early tomorrow after I've had my colposcopy. Hopefully that goes quick and easy. I've got some magazines to come home and read and I could watch some National Geographic shows that Jonathan doesn't want to watch with me.

I am hoping today goes as awesomely as yesterday did! I've got my coffee in hand and I am going to rock this Tuesday!

P.S. I have been adding lots more food pictures, how-tos, and recipes to the fan page!


  1. Cool gear. I get equally excited about my comparable motorcycle stuff, so I understand your enthusiasm.

  2. I'm jealous of your buckle, too! :) Good luck w/ the Old Navy gig.

    ps: I'm also very pro-soup

  3. Hee hee! "Buckle Jealousy" sounds like such a funny term. "Oooh, she's got a nice buckle!" ;o)