Monday, November 15, 2010

It's the way that you know what I thought I knew

What a crazy super awesome weekend. I just want to say that.

I've been following a skincare regime lately to clear up the Great Stress Breakout of October '10 and I think it's finally working. I know it takes time to clear skin up and I'm really glad to have been getting guidance from both Anna and Jessica. I've never had a bad breakout like what I've been going through EVER, so it's been a little disappointing. One thing I've always like to do is a facial on the weekend, so Saturday night I did what is now going to be my usual weekly routine:
 I have sample sizes of all of these things, so it brings the cost down! I think the combo is definitely working. My goal is for my face to be cleared up and back to its normal, nice-looking state by the fire department Christmas party, which is December 4. If it doesn't happen I'll be a little bummed, but things take time and I won't be too disappointment.

Speaking of the Christmas party, my dress is here (it fits!) and my shoes should be here any day. Yes, there will be a picture of my Christmas party outfit when it's all together. I'm so excited! And my awesome friend Marley is going to be my date. These girls are going to ROCK the Christmas party!! Seriously, the Rock better watch out for the ROCK! Or something like that... ;oD (That is a play on words, non-Ketchikan peeps. Ketchikan is known as "The Rock" because it's on an island [that is the 12th largest island in the U.S., bitches! So bragging right now...])

I'm super excited because I got my super cute Danskos in the mail on Friday. Ta da!

They're brown wool with little embroidered leaves and I frikken love them. I had been looking for them on eBay for a couple of months and then I found them on Friday! Buy It Now for only $42 - BRAND NEW. The seller sent me a few pictures of the shoes and it only validated my need for them. That, combined with lightning fast shipping, made me super happy and I am now the proud owner of a super cute pair of Danskos. I love Danskos. And these were originally in the $120-$140 range, so to get them for that cheap? I am dying of cute.

On Wednesday I am getting a colposcopy to find out why my cryosurgery didn't work out back in July. Pre-cancerous cervical cells, you suck and I'm gonna get rid of you one way or another before you turn into actual cancer. I have positive thinking, smarts, and nutrition on my side. And if that doesn't work, well, I'll still have to deal with you, but at least I gave it my all! So at noon on Wednesday please think positive thoughts and good vibes in my direction because I'll be needing it.

P.S. Over on Renai's blog this morning she posted a recipe for a homemade simple sugar scrub!


  1. I'm starting to send you positive thoughts. Mind as well start now so you'll have a built up amount of positiveness! I hope they are able to find out some answers as to what when wrong and that they can start taking steps to get rid of those precancerous cells asap! I'm definitely thinking about you! :o)


  2. Thank you! :oD Yes, I'm definitely looking forward to finding out why my surgery didn't work. So weird! I'm hoping for an answer or two!