Friday, November 5, 2010

I've got friends and family that I respect - When I think I'm too good they put me in check

 Artoo with his head resting on Halo. So cute!
Edit: Halo is going back to the vet's office today. This morning I thought she had something crusty on her foot, so I went to pick it off and realized all of her skin and fur is peeling off her right back heel! She has a zombie kitty foot! It is really gross-looking but doesn't seem to bother her unless I try and examine it. I emailed Dr. Sulis, who responded back within minutes (we are so lucky!) and said she would let the receptionists at the clinic know that Halo had priority today. Oh, my god. I hope she is okay. I'm putting the donation button back on here. (New reader to the blog? Here's a link to the original "Help Halo Cat!" post.

Sometimes the donate button doesn't work. If you'd like to donate and it's not working, you could send your donation to in PayPal.

So I found out some kinda crappy news yesterday for myself. In the beginning of July I had cryosurgery to remove some precancerous cells from my cervix. (Sounds fun, right?) Well, I just got a call from my gyno's office yesterday and they found more cells! UGH! So tomorrow I'm supposed to hear from the office and find out when I can come in and talk to Dr. Bell. What also sucks is that I can't have a phone appointment. I love my gyno and she is super nice, but I DETEST talking to her people on the phone. They are always, ALWAYS rude. I also have to drive aways to get to her office. I may look into going to someone else. I'm not picky with my gynos and the drive plus snarky office people make me not want to go.

But that's a whole 'nother story. So I will have to do another kind of surgery, or possibly another cryosurgery, again and then get another pap done in three more months to see how the ol' cervix is doing. I'm not too worried about all of this. What's the point of worrying and stressing about it? I'm doing the best I can and I caught things early before they actually turned into cancer. But it still sucks to have to do any sort of surgery again. That means no baths, bike riding, or, ahem, quality time with my boyfriend for a whole month. Again, I say, UGH! So keep your fingers crossed for me, pray if that's your thing, send any positive thoughts my way (please).

Onto more fun things to talk about!

I think this weekend I'm going to make some cheese. I made some feta earlier this year and it didn't work out because the recipe I used was a little confusing, so I think it's time to retry it. Everybody wants feta for Christmas, right? I think it will be my early Saturday thing to do. My workshop isn't until 3, so if I start early enough in the day I'll have it done by then. (I bought this kit last year and it rocks!)

I registered for school yesterday. It's going to be a crazy term. Through EOU I'll be taking Anthropology of Food and Nutrition, a class I've really been looking forward to. Only meh part is that it's five credits and is a writing intensive required class. I'll be signing up for a statistics class through PCC. Hopefully I will be able to take one of the classes at the Cascade campus so I don't have to make it out to Beaverton twice a week. *shudder* I also have to take a two credit weekend class sometime next term. I am going to be swamped! This is when I wish I didn't have to work and I could just focus on school stuff. I've never had that opportunity before, so it's not going to happen. Nice thought, though! :o)

It only *just* occurred to me that today is Friday and I *should have* done a "Things I'm Loving Lately" post. I like those! Well, I apologize for that. How about a quick list, shall we?

Things I'm Loving Lately!
-Having Jonathan help out so much when I'm feeling frazzled
-Knowing that my birthday is coming up!
-Knowing that I have awesome Christmas presents for my friends and family
-That Halo is feeling better
-The apartment is relatively clean
-There is always beer in our fridge (constantly thankful for this one ;o)

Here's a picture I took last night of the sky above our apartment building:

I finalized my birthday panniers order yesterday! I am getting these panniers (That link doesn't link to my order. Laplander Bags can't keep those brown panniers in stock!) with this fabric on the inside:


Aaand probably waiting on those panniers now that Halo is going back to the vet.

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