Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm just going to brag about Mount Tabor Veterinary Care for a sec.

I'm going to go ahead and brag here, but this is why my veterinary clinic is better than your veterinary clinic:

Yeah, Halo Cat's foot? Everything is fine because they made her into Super Halo.

I freaked out yesterday morning because after I gave Halo her morning pill for her thyroid I noticed she had a crusty on her foot. As I went to pull it off I realized it was a huge chunk of skin and fur. Or something. I didn't know what it was, but it was disgusting. I immediately emailed our main vet and told her what was going on. Five minutes later I am in the car, on my way to work, when my phone says, "Do do do! You have an email!" It's Dr. Sulis and she tells me she is forwarding my email to Theresa and Daniela to get Halo into one of the emergency spots and someone will contact me. An hour later I get a call and Halo has an 11am appointment.

I go home and pick Halo up at the appropriate time and rush her to the vet's office. They're not quite ready for her, so I hang out with Daniela at the front desk and she makes me a personal-sized cup of French press coffee. It is DELICIOUS. Halo and I get a room and Nettle and Dr. Bussmann come in and give her a quick once-over while I'm there (only because I have to leave and get back to work), promising to email me with any information. I know I'm in good hands.

Dr. Bussmann emails me later with the info. Halo has complications related to her diabetes and her lack of movement for awhile. She has the kitty version of bed sores, basically. She's going to be okay, though! She also tells me that her nickname is "Super Halo" and I will see why when I pick her up. A surprise!

Well. :o)

I go to pick her up after my work day and Nettle leads me back to a room where I can hang out while she goes and gets Halo. I wait for a minute or two and Nettle comes back in with Halo on a little fleecey blanket, very much like a kitty princess, and I see she is wearing the Super Halo bandage.


Nettle says that if there is any client who would appreciate a bandage like what they gave Halo, it is me. She also thoroughly explains Halo's new antibiotic and painkiller to me.

She gives me the furry scab thing that came off my cat. My friends and blog readers, my veterinary clinic knows me so well that they know I want to keep this chunk of crustified fur smegma that came off my cat. For reals. They gave it to me in a ziploc.

And this is why I love Mt. Tabor Veterinary Care.

P.S. I'm pretty sure if you are not the type of person who would appreciate receiving a chunk of scabby fur they would figure it out and they would not give you that thing which came off your cat. They're just good like that. We ended our vet visit with checking out at the front desk and everyone who worked there who was in the front at that time said good-bye to Halo and she received lots of love.

I freaking love MTVC.


  1. It's very important when caring for an aging animal that you have a great vet. I'm happy to hear you do.

    My vet was super and pulled my animals back from the brink of death several times. I know the intensity of emotions you feel going through emergencies like this. And, yes, I still have my deceased Juno's fur...

  2. I am so glad you have such a wonderful vet! It makes a world of difference when going through such a difficult time with your pets. I love her little "badge". Too cute!


  3. They changed her bandage on Thursday night so it's green now, but they put the little Super Halo badge back on! I still need to take a picture of it. :o)