Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm like a Russian mobster, drinkin' distilled vodka

Yesterday was a success. I kicked butt in the Excel class, headed home for a bit and then headed to Jessica's to help her out again. Afterward I came home, had a beer, and relaxed on the couch. Halo is a food-eating kitty monster! We have successfully given her shots several times in a row now. We're not leaving her much food to eat throughout the day, so by the time we get home she's super hungry and is more than happy to eat some food (and get insulin). Yeah!!

Speaking of cats, here are some pictures of cat spies that I took back in Ketchikan in 2008.

 (Except for this picture. Jonathan took this one.)

They're most crappy cellphone pictures, but in every one there is a cat spying on the world and keeping it safe. I don't have any pictures of the cat spies in our neighbourhood now, though, which is sad. I do keep a mental kitty count whenever I go to and from work with Eleanor. Why? Because I love cats? I don't know!

I'm really excited about the coffee shop's coffee of the month for November. It's Costa Rica Tarrazu, which is one of my favorite coffees and it's also one of the best-selling coffees at the store. Only $7.99lb for the month of November! Shameless plug. I freakin' love our coffee. What else do you expect?

I found my dress to wear to the fire department Christmas party. I need to find out if I can even go. Technically, I should be able to since I used to be a member (badge 551, y'all!), but I need to check and make sure!

This dress will be mine:
Image from here.

Isn't it crazy cute? Jonathan said he'd pay for part of it as a birthday outfit present for me. Yay!

P.S.  FACT: Cat spies love Jay-Z.


  1. Wow! Great dress! Please post pictures of it on you.

  2. I will do that! I don't have the perfect pose down, but I will do my best to channel you. :o)

  3. I had to hunt down this post again because I recently noticed that there are SO MANY cat spies that live across the street from us! You need to come visit and just sit on my patio with me and count spying cats. We'll make a night of it. Oh and I am having way too much fun hunting down PBFF gifties for your bday and Christmas. SO GOOD.

  4. YAY! It will still happen! "What did you do when you visited Renai?" "Oh, we sat around on her deck and watched cats." "Watched cats?" "Yes."

    P.S. Poor Eva, having to put up with the pinecone chatter concerning Nixie! ;o)