Friday, November 12, 2010

Another excellent day in the life of Brittany

 Yesterday turned out to be a great day, just as I had thought it would! I ran errands, Nicolle and I went for a hike, I worked three hours at Jessica's, and then I came home where I cooked some amazing spaghetti sauce and roasted veggies and puttered around, getting some cleaning stuff done. It was excellent! Here's a link to the album of pictures I took of the spaghetti sauce and roasted veggies.

My original hike didn't work out yesterday. What the website failed to mention is that the waterfall was a fee site and neither Nicolle nor I had $5. Darn! So we went to the Lewis & Clark State Park, which I'd been wanting to go to anyway, and we had a great time! We found a little trail that we hiked on for almost a mile before we had to turn back around, due to time. I would definitely like to go back there! Here are some pictures I took:

 And now I can't believe tomorrow is the start of the weekend! WHOO HOO!!!


  1. Simple pleasures are the best. Time with friends, hiking in the woods, cooking and eating good food -- great stuff!

  2. Agreed! This is the stuff that makes me the most happy!! :o)

  3. That little pug is one of the cutest things I have ever seen... so cute it burns my eyes, but I cant look away!

  4. Love the pictures of Artu (can't remember how to spell it correctly...oops!) He looks like he's a super model! :o) Beautiful fall hike! I just love the fall here too!

    Great post!