Monday, September 20, 2010

Team Brittanathan B.C. and Alaska Trip, Volume 5

Hey-oh! I'm playing blog catch-up! Never had a chance to blog about our beach trip and hike on Thursday or our last day in Ketchikan on Friday, so the Thursday pictures are today and the Friday stuff will be tomorrow. That'll give me a chance to catch up with things around the apartment and life and get more stuff written! Thanks!

On Thursday our goal was to go to Refuge Cove and hike Dude Mountain. We succeeded in both and it was awesome!

This is all that's left of "the log" at Refuge Cove. This long used to be about 10 feet high in a giant, hollow circle and 15 feet long, at least. Due to fires and it breaking down naturally, this is all that's left. Every person who grew up in Ketchikan from at least mid-30s down has a memory of playing at this log.

This lab wouldn't leave us alone at the beach! It wanted to PLAY RIGHT NOW.

The lab had brought its own tennis ball, so how could we not throw it?

This rock had a moss-tache!

Jonathan on the giant swing

The town smells like fish fart in certain places from all the dead salmon.

After Refuge Cove we drove up the Brown Mountain road to get to the Dude Mountain trail. We only had about two hours there, so we needed to hike it fast! Something you should know about Dude Mountain: the trail is at least 1,500 feet pretty much straight up. It is STEEP.

The trail is all boardwalk steps and gravel. I think my legs got a GREAT workout.

The road we drove in on. Getting higher!

Almost at the top!

Shoutout to North!

Got my GRRR face on. I effin' earned my Peanut Buddy bar! Thanks for being delicious!

Taken with my cell phone, so it's a little blurry, but WOW! We're as high as those mountain tops!

Someday I'm going to make a blog of all my Alaska pictures and call it "Alaska Is Really Frikken' Beautiful."

After we hiked we headed back to the rental to get cleaned up to head back in town to Annabelle's, which was the second time we'd been there since getting to Ketchikan. Their food is so good!

One of the things I love about Annabelle's: beer tubes! I don't know how many beers' worth of beer this is, but we went through two of these between six or seven of us.

After Annabelle's Myurgen, Jonathan, Brian, and I went to the Arctic for Duck Farts, the best shot ever (okay, maybe not quite) and then to the Asylum, a new bar in town.



We have kind of a dorky relationship. He's kind of a nice guy. :oD

Myrna and I. Not sure what we're doing. There was silliness directly before this.

All in all, it was a great way to end a great day!

If anyone is seeing all of the pictures I've been taking on the trip, they're all in this album

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