Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Team Brittanathan B.C. and Alaska Trip, Volume 6

I'm writing this as we drive down from Canada on Sunday. We left Prince George at 7:30am. It's now 6:07pm and we're still four hours from home. Factor in that we're stopping in Seattle for dinner with Renai and Amy and you can see that we'll be home late! I can't believe we'll be sleeping in our own bed tonight. Even better, Jonathan and I have tomorrow off so we can relax and get a few things done.

One of the things I need to do is get my school stuff in order. It was brought to my attention that I start school again in a week! To those of you who don't know, I am finally finishing up my anthropology degree. I graduated with my associate's back in 2003, but just took classes for fun since then (math, Russian, and Spanish, mostly). I finally realized, "You know, Britt, I bet you have most of a degree done now with all of the classes you've been taking." So I did some research and found out Eastern Oregon University offered a distance anth degree, so that's what I'm doing. I love cultural anthropology! I've been thinking about tying it into food studies or nutrition somehow. Food is really interesting to me. For now I'm just worrying about finishing my degree next year!

I never was able to get in a blog post about Friday, our last day in Ketchikan since we've spent the past two days in the car, so tomorrow morning I'll post this with some pictures. We spent our last day in Alaska doing everything I'd hoped to do. We went for one last meal at Annabelle's, got Duck Farts and Rainier chasers while sitting on the deck of the Arctic, and and then drove all over town doing stuff and meeting up with people. (Driving back and forth in town actually takes only five minutes or so. It just sounds like a long ways.) 

We went to the police station (I used to work there) to visit Joey, Rosie, and everyone else; went to King's Barbershop to visit Claire, went to Downtown Books to check it out (totally awesome!), drove to the high school to get homemade Kahlua from Myrna, drove back to the other side of town to go to the Snapper, which was closed, so we headed to Fat Stan's while simultaneously meeting up with Brooke and Tosh, then seeing Eric and others at Fat Stan's, then heading to Brian's for dinner. WOW. Our last day was totally busy but I got to see a lot of friends that I love and it was awesome!

I'm sad that I had to leave Ketchikan, but I'll be back there for the first week in December! I'll be at the coffee shop that week, helping Steve with holiday business. It's always busy, but even more-so during holiday time! I also found out I'll be in town for the fire department Christmas party (I worked there, too). These parties are NUTS!! So I'm pretty excited!

Goodbye, Prince George!

Friday morning I got up and I ran a few errands. I needed to pick up some coffee from the shop - very important! I also got Jonathan a mocha and headed back out to the rental. (I am a nice girlfriend.) We packed our stuff up and lounged on the deck as long as we could, but then finally we had to go.

This is the house we were in, but the rental is in the apartment underneath. My friend's home is beautiful!!

I always take a picture from Murphy's Landing. I was trying to get the airplanes and the other islands. Stupid light pole!

22 Delta is our plane on the end. I love you, 22 Delta! Lots and lots of good memories in her.

This is my halibut BLT at Annabelle's. OH MY GOD, it is so good.

After Annabelle's we went to Tongass, where I got a new hat for winter.

Trying to get a picture of us with our Duck Farts before they curdled. (YUM, I know.)

This is one of my favorite pictures of me. Doing exactly what I want to be doing in the summer: wearing my Tuffies, sitting on the deck of the Arctic in the sunshine, drinking beer.

Look! This is my tiny pigeon!

This is my super awesome wallet I picked up from Brooke that afternoon. Is it possible to love a wallet too much? Because I think I do.

There aren't any more pictures from Ketchikan. We did all the stuff I mentioned earlier and then got on the ferry, which left town around 9:45pm. We had an uncomfortable night without sleep (I didn't buy a cabin on the ferry, so "sleeping" on the floor and in chairs for us) and got to Prince Rupert around 5am. 

We didn't actually end up leaving Prince Rupert until closer to 7am, because Customs stopped us and wanted to search the car. Apparently, my collection of smelly-trees-that-don't-smell-anymore is incredibly suspicious because it could be hiding the fact we've been smoking pot in my car, because I just keep adding a smelly tree to the other trees and since this has been going on since 2003 there are about twenty-something trees in the car. BUT. If you know me you know I don't smoke pot, do drugs, etc. So to be asked multiple times if we have drugs in the car, have ever done drugs in the car, etc. was interesting. Our car got searched by the drug dog. Customs was suspicious of my paper bag of white tea and why did I have so many bags of coffee? What is in this bag of "vitamins"? Getting through that was fun and I was so glad when we were able to hit the road again. (Hungry and sleep-deprived Brittany is polite and helpful in answering questions, but is also somewhat anxious to get back into the nice, warm car.)

At one of the rest stops we were at

Fall: it's pretty in Canada!

We drove all day to Prince George, where we were staying the night. We got there around 4pm and settled in with some Indian food and the Discovery Channel. We went to bed really early, which was SO nice. Taking a shower was nice, too! The next morning we got up early and headed out on the road. We were heading from Prince George to Portland, which was going to be about 16 or 17 hours of driving. Oh. My. God. My butt hurt so bad from sitting for so long! We were making a stop in Seattle to eat dinner with Renai and Amy at the Italian restaurant that Renai's boyfriend Matt works at.

Smoked salmon raviolis with creamy pesto sauce. I could have cried, it was so good!

Amy, showing off one of her many talents

Renai came into 75lbs of Theo chocolate from a friend of her who works there, so I had a bag for Jonathan and I and two bags to take back to Portland for some of Renai's Twitter friends.

I love these girls!

Jonathan and I finally got home around 12:30am, toted all of the stuff out of the car, and then went to bed. Let me tell you, sleeping in my own bed was AWESOME. While I really, really miss Ketchikan, I'm also glad to be back in Portland with all of my "stuff" and can relax a little bit. I have some work and "adult" stuff to get done today (bill paying, errands, making sure school is paid for...), so it's nice to have a slow to day get that done with. Back to work tomorrow. Sigh. I can't wait for my next vacation!

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