Friday, August 13, 2010

Things I'm loving lately

Oh, hey, here's stuff I love!

I don't know how this ended up being so girly this week, but if you are a manly man who appreciates good towels and fine soaps and body scrub, then I salute you!

 Excitement #1: PataPri towels


I first found out about PataPri towels when her awesomely cute prints exploded on the blogosphere (yes, I did it). I was in love. I have been looking for perfectly printed kitchen towels for quite some time, but nothing was worth getting that excited over. Until I saw these. I ordered them and upon receiving them in the mail, I think I squealed. In fact, I'm positive I did. These towels are AWESOME. They're really soft and large, plus the prints are adorable and the colors haven't faded at all after many washings.

Also, they have passed the ultimate test! I was washing dishes one night and Jonathan was cleaning the counter tops off. Out of the blue he said, "You know, I really like these towels, because they actually soak up water instead of just pushing it around." So for a guy to say know these towels are magic.

Unfortunately, the PataPri shop is closed for a few more weeks, so, in the meantime, here's a link to the blog (where you can see some of the beautiful prints) and the main website.

Excitement #2: Pacifica

Pacifica is a local company that makes bath goodies and yummy-scented candles. I'm basically in love with this company. They have a wide array of scents that are strong, but not overpowering.

Plus, what's awesome is that in Hood River (Hood River shoutout!!) they have their only outlet store (owned by a friend of the company's makers) and you can get certain items really cheap. When I went there a couple weeks ago, I got three of their $22 soy candles (two Thai Lemongrass and one Vanilla Vera Cruz) for only $7 each. Yes, you read that right. I also got a smaller Brazilian Mango Grapefruit candle for super cheap, too.

I also have several of their body butters and perfume sprays. If anyone wants to be extra super nice and get me a gift I would love some of the Mango Grapefruit body wash! (I'm just going to link to it to make it easy for you. ;o)

Excitement #3: Angel Face Botanicals

I don't remember how I first came across Jessica's yummy bath goodies, but I am SO glad I did! She makes everything by hand at her home here in Portland. I have tried a wide array of her products and everything is so wonderful and delicious-smelling! I do have a few favorites, though... (all images from her page)

This is the first product I tried of hers, but it got me hooked. Ohhh, it smells WONDERFUL!! I mean, downright amazing. Kind of an herb-y, floral smell. There is nothing like starting a day with scrubbing yourself down with this. It's a shazam-wow wake up and GO! feeling. If she had a perfume or lotion of this smell, I'd be an even happier girl.

This bath salt smells absolutely delightful and is full of fizzy goodness! I have some Aura Cacia Relaxation essential oil and I like to use that plus this Juicy Sparkle and get my citrus on in the bath. It's so relaxing!

I first tried a little sample of this, but there was a mix-up with my order and she accidentally sent me a big tub of this. Luckily, I decided to keep it! WOW!! The smell is so good. There is the perfect light scent of cocoa, coffee, and coconut, all mixed together. It's the perfect scrubby consistency.

I should also mention that both this scrub, the Rock Star Detox, and all the other scrubs I have tried from Jessica, leave the perfect amount of oil on your skin. Not enough to make you oily, but so you feel soft and smooth. These scrubs also don't leave your bathtub with that weird oily/dirty feeling where you feel like you'll have to clean it before you take your next bath. I hate scrubs like that. These are NOT those scrubs!!

This scent smells sooo good! Like a great fresh, woodsy scent. I love it! I don't know what else to say about it. Try it. You'll like it.

Excitement #4: Real Purity mascara

Some time toward the end of last year I started buying almost exclusively natural products. I got tired of reading the chemical listings on all the things I was slathering on my body and putting on my face, so I decided to do something about it. Luckily, there are so many options out there to make this easy!

I first tried Real Purity's blush, which is awesome and has no crazy ingredients, but what I'm really loving is the mascara. It's all natural, the color lasts for ever, and it doesn't smudge easily, like other natural mascaras I've tried. It comes in several colors, but I've only tried the black.

I have lots more that I love! Hopefully you like finding new things to try that maybe you'll just love, too!

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