Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scandi Fest 2010!

Friday night Jonathan, Artoo, and I went to visit Reenie and Bruce in Cheshire. Junction City's Scandinavian Festival was happening this weekend and I haven't missed it since Jonathan and I started dating. We had to go! The drive down was beautiful. (However, there were hordes of bugs we kept driving through. It was amazing. I should take a picture of the front of my car.)

This is the sky as we were driving. Those are bug spots on the windshield.

We called to let Reenie know we were halfway there and she said she had just pulled a blackberry cobbler from the oven. Her blackberry cobbler is my FAVORITE, so I really had something to look forward to.


Reenie and Bruce have taken in a mama cat who had been hanging out outside of Bruce's work. They have been feeding her at work for awhile. She showed up with tiny kittens one day, so they brought her and the kittens home. The vet said the kittens are about three weeks old. They are seriously cute.

Here are two of the three kittens. There are two female orange ones, one older female orange one from another litter, and one tuxedo male one, who is a Manx like mama. I wasn't able to get any picture of the mama cat, but she was gorgeous! Light grey and peach colors. She was so friendly. Her stubby lack of tail was adorable.

On Saturday we all got up late. We had brought a bunch of laundry down with us, so I started in on that. Thrilling, I know! Artoo and I went outside to play for a bit in the early afternoon and I got some really pretty pictures of Reenie's flowers.

I also managed to get the dorkiest picture of Artoo ever, I think.

He is THE biggest goofball of a dog. Ever.

We finally finished the laundry and I'd had my second helping of cobbler. We finally heading into town to go to the festival around 3pm. Did I mention it got to 100 degrees yesterday?! It was HOT. We made it into town and there was hardly anyone at the festival, compared to how it usually is. Usually you have to fight your way through crowds and there are huge lines at every food booth, but we were able to walk right up and order everywhere we went.

I loved the decorations on everything!

There is usually at least a fifteen minute wait at the abelskiver booth. No line here!

These meat pies are amazing. :oD

Aebelskiver and jam

Frikadeller (Swedish meatballs on a stick!)

We ate our food and walked around a little bit, but it was SO HOT. I am not made for hot weather. I am from a temperate rainforest. I melt in this weather. We still saw the whole festival, but we definitely moved through it a little quicker than normal.

Here's a few more pictures I took there:

On our way back to the car we saw this amazing cat cage attached to a trailer. There was a kitty condo in it. The cats could go outside through a little window in the trailer. What a great idea! Cats being able to get some outside time and still be safe.

There are three cats in this picture alone
We headed back to the house and took a nap. When we got up I took some more pictures outside of Reenie's flowers. They are so beautiful!

Then Artoo had to come see what was going on, so we took a couple pictures. We are silly.

And that was our evening! We ate dinner, played with the kittens more, then headed home. It was so great to see Bruce and Reenie and I can't wait until we can go back to visit again!

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