Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday Parkways SE

Yesterday was Sunday Parkways in our neighbourhood - SE! (Although technically we live in NE, but we're on the border and everything we go to is in SE.) Sunday Parkways is FUN! They block off a large street route in a section of town and everyone can ride their bikes around the neighbourhood without having to worry about cars. The bad part is that you're going less than one mile an hour usually. Jonathan and I like to feel the wind in our hair and ride a little faster, but I still enjoy riding with everyone!

That was not yesterday. When I left the house it was in the mid-90s. Being from SE Alaska, it is a proven fact that we will melt into puddles when encountered with that kind of heat + bike riding. Or, at least, throwing up. (Not that I speak from experience or anything.) So I drove. Not only did I drive, but I was one of Those People who drove into a (very small) not-well-marked section of the bike route. I felt like a jerk, but I made it out right away and went and found parking. I was headed to Laurelhurst Park, which is gigantic and pretty.

I parked and headed to find Andi, who was hooping somewhere "near the main stage." I tracked her down and got comfy. The temperature was perfect in the shade. Dogs and bikes and kids and people everywhere!

How this man can hula hoop on stilts while wearing a costume is beyond me.
Hoops! I love watching people hoop for the first time. When people walk by and then stop, pick up a hoop, and start awkwardly jerking around, but they're totally having fun: I love that!
Andi is out hoop dancing in the middle there. She is Good! There was a salsa band playing. So awesome!
Ahhh, so pretty!
Where we were sitting to watch the salsa band had some very excited dogs playing together. The brown one belonged to the couple sitting in front of us, but the black lab belonged to one of the girls who was hooping. The couple was nice enough to watch her dog while she played, but they didn't really have to be too concerned because they dogs only had eyes for each other. It was constant doggy playdate! They were hilarious!

They wrestled up against the back of the girl
They wrestled almost in her lap (and IN her lap a few times)
The flailing paws in this picture cracks me up!

We felt kinda bad for one girl because she came to sit down near us and we all jokingly warned her she was in the dogs' playing area and she might get run over. She was a little quiet and looked at us kind of seriously and said, "Okay." And then it happened only minutes later. The dogs kind of ran/tumbled into her lap and she looked at us disgustedly and got up and walked away. We warned her, though!

The couple with the brown dog finally had to leave, so I took on watch of the black lab, whose name I learned was Tabor. This dog was seriously cute!

Britt and Tabor: BFFs for life! Or until he had to go home. :o(
I took a couple more pictures at the park on the way out. We went and used bathrooms in an area of the park I hadn't been to before (exciting, I know).

History of Laurelhurst Park

After we left the park we headed down to Hawthorne to go to the street fair and I mentioned that if we were going to Hawthorne that I wanted some frozen yogurt, because THE best fro-yo place is there: SWIRL!!

You pick your frozen yogurt flavor and then can put whatever fruits, sauces, crunchies, cereal bits, candies, whatever! on it. I only discovered Swirl a short time ago, maybe a month or so, but I have been there several times since then. My favorite thing to get, which I am teased about by whomever I am with is:

Plain frozen yogurt (it's buried under there) with cheesecake chunks, pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, gummi bears, and then topped with caramel sauce. It. Is. Amazing. You might be laughing right now, but I swear it's so good! I mix it all together and (this is essential) the gummi bears must be eaten last because they get all hard and chewy from the cold.

There. Now you know my fro-yo secret.

After Swirl we walked around a bit and then I had to head home to meet up with Jonathan, who was taking me to a movie date to get out of the heat and into some A/C! We saw "Inception" at Cine Magic. I really liked the movie, although if someone asked me to describe it I couldn't really tell you what was going on. But it was good and, visually, it was awesome. The snow level (as I call it) was so cool, because I (not so) secretly want to just ski around and shoot things at high speed.

Wow, that last sentence was kind of random.

(Secret yearnings to be a biathelete. You heard them here first.)


  1. We've taken to calling the snow level the James Bond or 007 level because it really, really is.

  2. I am dying to go to Swirl. Looks like an awesome weekend in the park! Enjoy the sunshine. We get it so rarely around here!
    xoxoxo R

  3. Becca, I totally agree! It was awesome!

    Robin, tell your sister to take you there next time you visit Portland. It's sooo good!