Friday, May 31, 2013

The Post About Our New Family Member, Tobias Fünkat

We have a new family member!

Meet Tobias Fünkat!

Long story short, one of my coworkers needed to house a whole lot of cats. Her uncle had passed away and he was a bit of a cat hoarder. She can only place a few cats per week in her local shelter and is trying to find homes for as many as she can. Unfortunately, with as many cats as her uncle had, most of the cats are basically feral; however, a few of the cats are more friendly. She told me about this cat. He's five-ish, is chatty, and very mellow. Everything she was telling me sounded like he would be a great cat for us! I brought him home on Wednesday night and he hid most of that night. Thursday evening he decided to come out and say hi to both Jonathan and I! He spent a good hour being petted and loved, but then I had to go to bed. Luckily he came out this morning for awhile! Tonight I got home and left the door to our spare bedroom open so he could leave the room if he wanted. He only *just* ventured out and into the hallway. Yay for new kitty family!!


Orangecat butt

A little video of how butt scritchies makes him just want to curl up in happiness.

I look forward to Tobias being a part of our family! So far he has seemed like a very nice and gentlemanly cat and I love him!!


  1. Adorable orange cat butt photo.

  2. Yay! So happy for you guys. I too am a fan of the orange cat butt photo!

    1. It was his first experience with the kitty condo and he was soooooo excited about it!