Monday, May 20, 2013

Kruger's Kermesse

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a surprise day off and Jonathan and I were able to make it to a bike race on Sauvie Island called Kruger's Kermesse. It was smaller race and it seemed like we were some of the only people watching everyone that didn’t come to support a friend or loved one. Too bad for everyone else because it was a great day outside and the races were fun to watch!

My favorite part was the relay race, where a cucumber was passed instead of a baton. One of the teams was just a father and a son, but the kid did a great job! Everyone was rooting for him and he did awesome!

I am working so many weekends this year that have races happening on them, so I wasn’t anticipating being able to make any of the races I wanted to see, so the surprise day off was appreciated. I can’t wait to make the next race!

Local framebuilder Ira Ryan on the left!

"You didn't pass the cucumber? Drop and give me ten!"

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