Monday, March 18, 2013

Is It Just Me?

Some of the many cupcakes I had specially made for the party by my friend Dana.
White cake with homemade lemon curd filling, topped with blueberry cream cheese. OMG.

Know what's frustrating?

Having people tell you they'll show up to something and then never hearing from them. Sometimes it happening multiple times. Is that what we've come to between friends?

I had a Naked Lady Party yesterday and out of the 40-something girls I invited I heard from about ten of them. I think six or seven of them said they'd for sure be there. I had three attendees and never heard from the other girls that had said they'd show up. (I'm not counting the ones who said they'd maybe be there.)

Does that bug anyone else? Does that happen to anyone else? I feel like this happens all the time in Portland and people just are okay with it or expect it. In Ketchikan, people don't do that. I admit that I do it, too, but only to people who have done it to me. That doesn't make me any better in those situations and it makes me feel crappy.

To me, it's a matter of respecting one's time and friendship. I feel like I'm 80 and wondering what's wrong with kids these days.

Yes, I realize it was St. Patrick's Day. I know some of the girls that attended were doing other things later. I didn't expect a huge turnout. It just bugs me when people say they'll do something and then don't. I feel like this happens SO often here and I guess I'm just not used to it.

Gripe gripe gripe. Grumpy Brittany is grumpy.


  1. I think it has a lot to do with the type of party you had. People around here don't like to go to parties where they feel obligated to buy stuff. I don't know if that's typical elsewhere or not, but a friend of mine sells Arbonne and even if 50 people are invited to one of her parties, she generally only get around 5. It's great product, but people just don't like being sold to.

    1. Well, I wasn't selling anything at all. It's a clothing exchange where you bring your nicer clothes that you don't wear anymore, doesn't fit, etc. Stuff that is perhaps nicer than you want to donate to Goodwill. So I wasn't selling anything. One gal came with nothing and left with several new items.

      If it wasn't just this type of get-together it would be one thing, but for the past five years I've been noticing this and not with just me. People will have plans and then not show up with no word from them otherwise.

  2. It's not just you, nor is it just Portland. I feel like I keep reading articles about this issue all over the place online. It seems to be more about the way we communicate & plan now w/ technology vs. how we did previously. I've also personally found that if you invite 50 people to something - 5 will come. If you invite 12 - they will mostly all come.

    I invited a handful of friends over for brunch about a month ago - three people committed to coming. One cancelled literally right at 11 which was when people were supposed to come, and the others were both an hour late. Everyone had a good excuse and while I felt upset I didn't feel like I could say anything. Nevermind the fact that I had already been cooking and was planning on serving people shortly after 11. It's so, so frustrating and hurtful. But the thing is - I do things like that too!

    I'm trying to get better about going to events that I commit to, and not giving a "yes" or "maybe" answer if I realistically know that I won't be able to make it. Sometimes I RSVP yes to things on Facebook, because I want a reminder just in case I do feel like going (which is almost never) and I'm trying to stop doing that.


    1. Ohhhh, if both people were an hour late I would have just canceled it and left the house, lol. When did people start thinking it was okay to do that?!