Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Meeting Lil Bub: Internet Cat Sensation

On Sunday, Amy and I went to meet Lil Bub. You can see by our faces how exciting this was. (VERY.)

We waited in line for about 45 minutes with lots of other people.

Then the magic happened...

We walked up to Lil Bub...and she sniffed my hand.

She quietly squonked and snarfled.


Lil Bub is not from this earth. She is full of magic and whimsy.
Her teeny tiny paw needed lots and lots of licking.
(Because it just DID, okay??)

We were with her for maybe four minutes and within that time, I felt like my life had been changed.
Thank you, Lil Bub, for the magic you gifted to Amy and I.

Don't ask how many people asked who LB was when I told them of our outing.
"You stood in line to meet a cat?" I heard many times.
"This is not just any cat. This is Lil Bub," I said,
"She's famous on the internet."
"Oh," they said.

Here is an 11 second video of Lil Bub licking her paw:

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