Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sandy River Delta Birthday Outing

Well, yesterday marked the end of my week-long birthday celebration. Oh, what a week it was! Every day brought some sort of exciting event. I would have had nothing less for a milestone birthday! I just wanted to share some pictures from going to the Sandy River Delta on Friday. It was unseasonally warm, in the upper 50s that day. I have heard about the Sandy River area from many people, but have never been there before. I'm so glad we went! It's 1,400 acres of off-leash dog area and it was so fun to explore! We were only able to cover a small amount of ground, so I look forward to going back!

(Pug smiles are pretty much the best. :o) 

P.S. Okay, I have some other photos to share, too!

I found an oil slick that looked like a heart! 

My limoncello birthday cupcake 

The tree art from my friend Todd 

 This is how I spent my birthday...working at the market! Boots, books, and borscht!

Some lovely ladies went to Hopworks with me for my b-day celebration 

 My birthday beer from HUB was as big as my head!

And Jonathan got me what I wanted most for my birthday! Snowshoes to replace the ones I finally wore out last year (after seven years of adventuring)!!

This card from Amy just kind of sums everything up. VIVA LA 2013!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you had a great time. That cupcake looks super tasty, I love lemon anything. And yippeee for new snowshoes! I hope we get lots and lots of snow this year :)

    1. Thank you! YES, it was AWESOME!! It was such a great birthday. This past week was really nice after so many ups and downs this year. I was gleeful at seeing the snow in your running photo! LUCKY!! While I'm not expecting hardly any here in town, I'm reaaaaallly looking forward to going up Mount Hood!