Friday, December 14, 2012

Awesome Stuff I Pinned This Week

I must have drug Jonathan on too many impromptu adventures since he responds to my text with THIS. Ha ha ha!!

And what? Yes! Here's some of the awesome stuff I pinned this week! (Not so much for some reason?)

*Books That Will Inspire You by Tammy of Rowdy Kittens

This has been a great week. I have been sleeping wonderfully for some reason. Whatever it is, I'll take it! I wake up on my own around 6am, full of energy and ready to get started with my day! Which is awesome because... I have a new job!! This job pays well, is Monday through Friday 8-5pm, has benefits, etc. I am SO excited to have a full time job again AND have weekends off! I have been waiting for a job like this for 14 months now! I'm excited that Jonathan and I will finally have days off together again and if I feel like working at the market, great! If not, no big deal! I will also be able to put money directly into savings and I'm going to start an IRA. I am pretty excited to start working! The only "negative" thing that I can see so far is that I will be taking transit to work (which I am thankful for because it's better for the environment, it's waaaay cheaper than driving every day, and I won't have to be a driver for 45 minutes a day) and that will take an hour each way. But I'm trying to think of it as a time for me to read.

Are you excited about anything in particular this week? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I am excited about your new job this week!!! I can't wait for visits! Oh yeah, I'm also pretty excited about that part where I'll own a HOUSE within the next week. It's a little bit exciting :)

  2. Love this post so much!! Those texts are my favorite!! :) AND, so happy for your job!!

    1. Yay, thank you! My first week on the job was soooo great!!