Monday, October 8, 2012

House-Sitting My Way To Travel

As some of you may know, house-sitting is one of the ways I'm side-hustling to earn money for my big trips. I have been taking care of some very cute pets at the house that I am finishing up. I've been taking care of three cats, two dogs, three chickens, and bees this past fortnight! Taking care of other people's pets fulfills my need of having All The Pets, especially since we are so limited at our current residence. I want to get another cat sooo badly, but I want to wait until I'm working more full time and have put more money into savings because of how expensive Halo was. I want to give any pet in our family the best care possible! Until that happens, I will love on everyone else's pets!

Here's some photos of who I've been caring for lately...

They have all been such sweet, loving animals! I am now caring for this crazy-eyed goofball kitty named Gladys!

She's one and a half and very silly! I am sure we will have all sort of adventures.

The downside to house-sitting is that I'm not at home with my own family. When this stretch of house-sitting is over, I will have stayed the night in my own bed about seven times in a span of almost two months. However, I will have made $1,050 in that time, so that's not too shabby!! And I do get to see Jonathan now that I'm house-sitting back in town (not just on FaceTime, I mean). I've been referred to by my vet friends to other clients of their clinic. I'm so thankful they think as highly of me as they do! Hopefully I can keep house-sitting going for awhile!

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