Friday, October 12, 2012

Adventurers Who Love Cats & Cocktails Sauvie Island Adventure!

Since I have lived in Portland I have known about Sauvie Island. Sure, I've gone to Kruger's Farm and bought ridiculously cheap and delicious vegetables. I've done the corn maize. How did I only recently find out that Sauvie Island has a beach on it?! And hiking areas and a tiny lighthouse? I knew I wanted to go there and explore a bit, so doing it with Amy just made sense! We are Adventurers Who Love Cats & Cocktails, after all! (That is the name of our sweet club. We are the only members. It's a pretty exclusive club.)

Today is also the first day of rain in Portland for some ridiculous amount of days. 70, I think I heard? I was proud of her for still coming and adventuring with me, even though it was raining. I am always afraid that people down south are going to cancel because of rain (which never, ever happens in Ketchikan). Luckily, she was game and we went and had a great time! We walked a mile down the beach and then the mile back up on the road because all the rain made the sand wet and hard to walk in. It was really neat to see an actual sandy beach in Portland! I can't wait to go back when it's sunshiny!

I spent the rest of the day running errands. I bought Artoo a Furminator (have you used one?! They do a ridiculously good job of getting rid of fur!) and brushed him for half an hour and then went grocery shopping. I've got some new recipes to try and a few older ones, as well. I work this weekend for two different friends at the Saturday Market, so that should be fun, as well. I have nifty life news, as well, so that will all happen next week. For now, I need to go start making these delicious potato & black bean burritos! Have a great weekend, everyone!

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