Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Made It!

I've been having a wonderful time back in town! I got in on Monday afternoon and found out that Jessica wasn't going to be able to pick me up from the ferry, as previously planned. Luckily, two of my fire department friends were over at the airport with the ambulance to drop someone off, so I got a ride to Jessica's in style (and safety!).

I got to wear my new raincoat and picked up some beer for the week. 

I got to play with Icky!

 There was some lap envy.

I met up with some friends at the Arctic on Monday and some guy rung the bell! Free beer!

While I'm in Ketchikan I will be working for various friends. This week I'm walking to and from the house I'm staying at, which is a mile each way. It's nice to be getting some exercise and a way to see things that I might not normally see! I decided to not have a car during this Ketchikan trip because of the cost. Gas is $4.25 here! I'm going to be walking and taking the bus during my visit. Lots of sightseeing is nice! The next pictures were taken yesterday as I was walking to and from work. 

It's never good when your dinghy sinks! 

 Ketchikan Creek

Got a new zipper pull for my new rain jacket at Soho Coho

The old hospital 

Fish ladder 

Slug buddy