Friday, July 27, 2012

Awesome Stuff I Pinned This Week

All I have to say is What. A. Week. It's been very relaxing with not having to work but today is my first day back. I have spent a lot of time reading, internetting, and lots of bike riding this past week. I've ridden Eleanor an average of 10 miles a day for the past few days! It's been feeling pretty awesome. We had to get our car worked on to the tune of about $2,000 and it's been in the shop since Monday. While I'm NOT looking forward to taking that money out of our savings account, I'm thankful that we both have enough money to pay the bill (and are frugal enough to save for awhile to put a good amount of money back into savings) and that we have a running car that works when we need it! (Just keeping it that way! :o)

I picked up three more rolls of film from Hollywood Camera yesterday and have more film pictures to share next week. I hope you enjoy them! Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy some of the things I pinned this week!

*2004 Olympics - Russian Synchronized Swimming: Full Routine
*10 Life Lessons from 10 Incredible Women
*How To Make Your Dreams Come True in 15 Easy Steps
*Inspirational Wisdom From An Outrageous Billionaire
*"Call Me Maybe" Spoofed By U.S. Marines
*Call Me Jay-Z (You may notice I'm a huge fan of "Call Me Maybe." I'm not sorry.)
*Jimmy Fallon, Carly Rae Jepsen, and the Roots - "'Call Me Maybe' With Classroom Instruments."
*7 Habits of Highly Frugal People

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