Friday, February 3, 2012

My Head Contains a Mishmash

Of all sorts of stuff right now.

I need to take my wrist's advice. Or, the Hitchhiker's Guide, that is.

Written in large, friendly letters.

Note: this is your warning of a random blog post that is somewhat stream-of-consciousness. I have all this stuff rolling around in my head and need to get it out so that I can mentally move past it.

The next two weeks are a flurry of:

*Homework, of which I have a lot of questions from chapters 8 and 9 to finish by Thursday and we just started doing the harder stuff.
*Finishing cleaning a house I was hired to do, which means I need to drive quite a ways on Monday to load my car up with junk and find a garbage dump to take it to. Luckily, my time, energy, and gas is all being paid for, but I was really looking forward to having one full day of Nothing, since I was going to be so busy on Sunday. Monday isn't the day either, I guess!
*Loads and loads of laundry while I house-sit my friend's place. Everything I can possibly think of to be washed is going to be washed, to take advantage of not having to shell out $1.50 per load. (Thank you, Krissy!)
*List a BUNCH of stuff on eBay on Sunday so the auctions can start Sunday night (and make sure everything is washed!).
*Finish going through my dresser in the spare bedroom so that Jonathan can move his clothing from his dresser into mine, so that we can give his away on CraigsList, as it barely works. This means I will need to make places in another magical location for my few things that are in this dresser presently.
*Once Jonathan's dresser is not in this room I will need to get some sort of thin bookshelf or something that I can stack my soaps on to cure.
*I have some random things that I've tried getting rid of on CraigsList, but no one is biting, so I will probably just have to donate them or give them to friends.
*Make time to pick up some money from a friend who bought some of my things so I can put that money into savings.
*I have a friend staying with us for a few days in the middle of the month and I want to have the spare bedroom in somewhat good order before she is here. Also, I want as much homework and such done beforehand so hopefully I have more time to hang out with her!

To counter my mental craziness right now, here are some awesome things that have happened lately or are happening soon:

*I have a new friend and she is awesome! We met while mulching at Friends of Trees on Wednesday. We've already hung out twice and I'm looking forward to hiking and adventuring with her.

*My new trekking backpack got delivered yesterday and it is pretty!

*I bought my climbing permit for Mt. St Helens on Wednesday! Viva la June 16!
*I have sold a lot of things online and have been doing fairly well with getting rid of clothes I do not wear and clothes I don't see myself wearing this summer as they're not really "me" anymore. I did allow myself to get a pair of black Merrell Micca sandals today, even though I already have them in brown, because they are my favorite summer shoe of all time. Plus, I found the black ones on eBay for $50 and free shipping instead of $80 everywhere else. Saving $30 is a win!
*Because I am going to be doing more multi-day backpacking trips my mind really, really wants me to go out and buy all the cool gear that I've been lusting over for a couple years now, like titanium cookware and an ultralight stove. However, realistically I won't be needing this stuff because my other friends who camp already have this gear, so I don't need to rush out and buy my own. On one hand, this is great, but on the other hand my mind really wants to look at all this stuff on eBay. However, I did buy a pair of MICROspikes because I will probably need them for our Mt. St Helens trip and I will be getting this titanium mug and spork so that I can at least eat from my own setting when we camp.
*Lots of money-making things coming up! House-sitting, cat-sitting, the cleaning, selling stuff online and on CraigsList, hopefully selling soap at a local shop, and hopefully helping my friend at the Saturday Market.
*Jonathan is buying me some Teva ballet shoes to replace my janky, icky black shoes that make my feet stink, don't breathe, but are supremely comfortable.  have worn through the soles! I will soon be wearing these lovelies. I am so happy it's not even funny. I have been looking for black, semi-sporty ballet flats for several months. I kept finding shoes that were *almost* what I wanted, but just weren't perfect. My friends, I will soon have super comfy Tevas. I wear my Teva Montecitos alllllll the time right now since they are cute with all of my skirts and dresses and they are probably some of the most comfortable footwear I own.
*I am going to be able to volunteer more with Friends of Trees now that I found out I can volunteer on Wednesdays, which are a much better day for me than Saturdays. Like I mentioned earlier, I got to mulch this week, got a great workout, met some awesome people, and saw my first wild snake!

I just spent a good ten minutes looking up pictures of me adventuring in all of my different North Face jackets, because this picture STILL cracks me up and it's been days since I first saw it:

I find it so funny because I actually DO adventure in North Face jackets! All of my jackets except for my Marmot Sassy jacket are NF and, had their Grace rain jacket not looked absurd on me, my dressier rain jacket would have been NF, too. Their gear works and fits tiny people well. Love 'em!

Okay, I'm done rambling on this Friday night. Peace out, homies!


  1. i love your bag! i'm in desperate need of a good one

    good luck getting everything done!

  2. Thanks! I know it will all get done, but just imagining how much stuff I have makes me feel a little anxious. Even just getting by today will be helpful!

    I haven't used my bag yet, but it was highly recommended by a few friends and all the the reviews online are pretty good. I'll let you know how I end up liking it!

  3. Best tattoo ever!! (Also, so sad Douglas Adams died before the tablet came out... that man predicted the future!)

  4. Go Britt go!!
    Those shoes are cute and so you, haha. Glad you've got work/money-making things lined up! May be better but better than stressing about $$?

  5. I'm not really stressing about money, per se, as much as I just really, really want to go on my big trip in one year vs. two. So I'm just trying to work as much as I can in all the ways that I can. ;o)