Monday, February 13, 2012

Low-Key and Great: My Weekend

Despite the relative stress of this past week, I still had a great weekend! I was told to not come into work on Saturday, so it gave me an extra day of puttering and cleaning.


Jonathan and I found out that there is a trail around the golf course by our house! We decided to take a walk to get out of the house and headed to the park. We followed a smaller trail and then I think I said something about, "Wouldn't it be neat if there was a trail around the golf course?" and then there WAS! It was a nice walk. We saw a bunch of tiny brown birds, a scrub jay, and some crows. Artoo had a great time, too! I can't wait to start walking over there more often. When we got back Jonathan figured out that we walked 1.64 miles, which is pretty awesome, as well. This pic of Artoo was taken when we got back home and Jonathan left to go check the mail. Artoo was so concerned about where his dad went! (But was also tired from walking, hence the head slump.)

Saturday night Jonathan took me on a date to North. Since I have been working very part time, all of the money from our combined account goes toward bills. In the past when we have gone out for food or drinks we'll use the money from that shared account to pay for things. Now that there isn't any extra money for things like that we haven't been going out and I have been going a little stir-crazy, because I spend most of my time in the apartment. We made a decision to do a weekly date night to get out of the house and we will take turns sharing the costs from our personal spending money. I don't mind doing this because, hey, I'm spending time with my boyfriend and I think that is an important thing! We have so far been correlating our date nights to happy hours and other cheap events, which is nice because then we're still getting out of the apartment and still saving money! Anyway, Jonathan had procured us some online deal to get our first round for $2 at North, so we went out and it was really nice. :o)


On Sunday we had some errands to run. It is finally warm enough again to wear all of my flats that I can't wear with socks! (Oh, being a girl sometimes... ;o) I totally love my little Merrell boat shoes and was happy to wear them for the first time this year! Yay, colorful feetie tattoos that I can see again!

Oh, good lord, last night was hilarious. It was Theresa's birthday celebration and we went to My Brother's Crawfish for Cajun food and good times. Ooooohhhh, lordy. Ladies were wearing the crawfish necklaces all night! (Also, Theresa was wearing the most awesome Dr. Seuss tie ever.)

(I got to wear one, too!)

I was given a mission, based on a conversation had during dinner, that I needed to smell Artoo's feet. Apparently, a dog who is healthy should have feet who smell like Fritos. Not generic corn chips, but FRITOS. This is what happens when you get a bunch of people together who work in the veterinary community! I can't say I have ever smelled Artoo's feet, but you betcha I went home and smelled them and, thank goodness, they smelled like Fritos. (I think. I haven't eaten Fritos in a LONG time, but they smelled corn-esque, so I think I'm okay?) He did thwack me twice in the face with a pink Nylabone while I was trying to smell them, because he hates to have his feet touched, but I think things are fine.

And that, my friends, was my weekend.


  1. He hit you with a nylabone, heehee :)
    Josie doesn't like us inspecting her for much of anything and gets all quirmy-wormy, bunny-kick-y and gives us an earful, depending on the activity/inspection :s

  2. Yeah, that's pretty much how Artoo is, too. He gets SO freaked out sometimes, like if we're going to cut his nails. Luckily, he was mostly confused but was very excited that I was down at dog level in his bed!

  3. Cash's feet totally smell like Fritos! Weird. I'm glad to learn that is healthy and normal. Lol!