Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Best of Ketchikan Posts: Summer 2011

I thought it would be fun to go through my blog and create a timeline of my favorite posts from being in Ketchikan this summer. I also just got done packing my car about 90% full of stuff and it also feels good to sit down and kick my feet up a bit. Enjoy!

*Settler's Cove and Lunch Creek Trail
*First Foray Into Canning: Pickled Fiddleheads!
*My First Full Week Back in Alaska! Weekend Recap

*200th Blog Birthday Post: Week Recap!
*Fishing and Flying: Best Thursday Ever
*To Anchorage and Beyond!
*Life Update
*Kayak Racks, Moving Again, and Solstice Parties!
*The Amazing Adventures of Team Brittanathan!

*Photos from the Fourth and Fifth
*Fireworks and Fish!

*Thoughtful Tuesday
*Six Eyes
*Swimming in the Ocean
*Lomography Photos For July!

*What I've Been Up To
*Doing Gyotaku In Colorado
*Today Is My Three Year Portlandiversary!
*Hassell Adventures
*Stream of Consciousness Brittany Thoughts
*Talbot Lake Hike!

*In the Homestretch!
*One Week, Two Boat Tours, Four Friends Seen, One Epic Wedding Reception
*South Point Higgins Solo Beachcombing Adventure

*Climbing Deer Mountain (Well, Almost)
*Ask (Or Be Patient) and Ye Shall Receive!
*Deer & Sea Lions at Coast Guard Beach!

I have some new readers, so I hope you enjoy a few blog posts that are some of my favorites. I still can't believe that tomorrow is the day that I leave Ketchikan! Eeeek! I'm happy, sad, excited, mopey, and so many other feelings all at once. I have downloaded some movies to watch on the ferry and am charging my camera battery. (I hope we see some whales and porpoises!)

AGH!! is all I have to say right now. ;o)

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