Monday, October 3, 2011

Climbing Deer Mountain (Well, Almost)

If you have been following me on Twitter, you will know that I have been REALLY excited to climb Deer Mountain. I was supposed to do it yesterday with my friend Whitney, but I received a text from her that said she wasn't feeling well. When I received her text I was already dressed for climbing the mountain, had my gear packed, and all PB&J sandwiches and snacky veggies made. There was no backing out. I decided to do what I could without her. The reason why I haven't climbed Deer Mountain more often is that it's so friggen steep. You gain 1,500' of elevation in the first mile. Ouch!

Despite my decision to climb, I was still okay making the decision that if I even just made it to the first lookout I would be happy. Also there was a notice about a landslide blocking the trail part of the way up and I didn't feel comfortable trying to go around it or whatever on my own. So I hiked to the first lookout and had a very enjoyable hike yesterday morning!

High spirits at the trailhead

Sweaty. Dying already.

Due to my archaeology training, I will never not check out root wads for shells.


Success! An amazingly gorgeous view to eat a PB&J by.

North Face Terra 40, I love you and think you are the best backpack in the world.
Thanks for many great adventures!!
(Apparently it's sold out, but I bet the other Terra line is just as wonderfully awesome.)

I wanted to go past this point so bad but I just didn't have it in me!

One last beautiful view!

Deer Mountain, you have not gotten the best of me! Someday, boy howdy, I will hike all of you again and I will hike to Blue Lake also. You have my word...

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