Sunday, October 23, 2011

Back in Portland With Some Eco-Friendly Finds!

Entering Oregon!

Well, I've been back in Portland for a couple days now and things have been great! I figured out Jonathan had taken Friday off to greet me when I realized I hadn't heard from him during any of the times when I would normally hear from him on a Friday. It was so awesome to finally see him! When I came inside I was greeted by a very excited (for her) Halo Cat! She was practically giddy! And Artoo was reeeeaaaallllly excited to see me! So I had a very warm welcome home. :o)

 Entering Portland!

I hung out for a bit and then went to Emily's house for a #pdxbeergeeks beer tasting get-together. Whoo-whee! That was awesome!

Lots of yummy food and beers and giggling! I can't wait for the next meet-up. After Emily's house I went home and later in the evening Jonathan and I went out to dinner at the Observatory for our four year anniversary celebration. The food was amazing and so was my cocktail! I had the ahi starter and a small spinach, red pepper, and Parmesan salad as my meal, but we started with the prawns as an appetizer. Everything tasted so good! My cocktail was a lavender gin delicious yummy thing. I also want to go back and try their blood orange negroni.

Saturday's mission was to run some errands. First mission was new pillows from Eclectic Home. They are natural latex bits surrounded by wool. We also picked up some pillow coverings to protect the pillows. With pillows of this sort I want to keep them nice as long as possible! Sleeping on them has felt really nice. They are firm but very soft. We are loving them!

 Our bed is so nice-looking now! I'm still working on putting things away from my trip, hence the pile at the foot of the bed. Oh, well!

After picking out our new pillows we headed to Mr. Green Beans to pick up some essential oils I had ordered and the Camano coffee mill, made by Red Rooster Trading Company. It was so awesome to see Ginny and Trevin! The best part is I'm going to start working there in November! I am super excited because they are really nice and the shop is AWESOME!! I can't wait to start taking the classes and learning new things. It's going to be great!

We picked up the coffee mill and Trevin was nice enough to give us some yummy-smelling Kona to enjoy. Sunday morning we got up and got the French press out and ground some coffee in our new mill. It works great! The smell of the coffee was so, so delicious. We wanted this mill because it's human powered and it's beautiful. It should last us a long time!

The mill in action!

One other errand we ran on Saturday was to go to the Alberta St. Co-op, which was great because they were having their owner appreciation day. This meant we got to sign up to become owners and with the 15% off we got for signing up we basically paid a dollar for the cost of signing up. We had discussed becoming owners anyway, so this was great!

We love shopping at the co-op because most of the fruits, vegetables, and meats are local, so it feels good to be supporting farmers and other people who provide our food in a direct manner.

One of the things I wanted to get during our shopping trip was a chicken. Now that I have a Dutch oven I have been wanting to roast a chicken! Our chicken is from Scio, Oregon, and is pastured. I want to try a variation of this recipe at Christine Cooks. It looks so delicious! Then with the bones I will eventually make chicken stock when I have enough. I am dying to try this recipe from one of my favorite blogs, Common Sense Homesteading.

All in all, it is excellent to be back in Portland and to do my normal, Portlandy things. I now have the big task of going through my things and getting rid of a lot, but I am ready to tackle it! Tomorrow we are bringing a bunch of stuff to Goodwill. Also, Jonathan has been saving his beer bottles and we're going to start taking them to be recycled at Freddie's so I can get the deposit per bottle and then that money is going to my Antarctica trip fund. In fun things we're doing tomorrow he is taking me to Tin Shed for brunch and then we're going to the corn maze on Sauvie Island, which I'm excited to do because we tried doing it last year and we were too late. But we're doing it tomorrow! Yeah!!

That's all I got! I'll have a post up later about my trip on the ferry to Bellingham, but if you would like to see photos now I've put them up on Flickr. Enjoy!

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