Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog Posts I've Enjoyed Lately

I'm sitting here feeling fairly anxious about some things that I'm not quite ready to blog about yet and am still in the "mentally processing" zone, but I wanted to post some links I've enjoyed in the past couple weeks that I keep wanting to post but haven't really had time yet until now. I hope you enjoy!

*The Underappreciation of Rest in Today's Society - Becoming Minimalist
This post is so true! Rest is necessary. As you all know, I have been working four jobs for awhile now and I still need to remind myself that rest is necessary and important! I'll come home from one job and what I *should* do is take a nap before my next job, but sometimes it's everything I can do from getting online and reading blogs or checking out Facebook or looking for funny YouTube videos. I sometimes have to tell myself out loud, "GET INTO BED, BRITTANY" and then I take a nap and I'm fine. Joshua's pointing out of the false sense of urgency for things like this is so spot-on!

*Extreme Organizing - B For Bel
I think just about everyone in the bloggosphere has seen this, but I'm posting this *just in case* you haven't. My love of things lined up neatly is enamoured with this!

*Want to Control Your Happiness? Control Your Exit - The Happiness Project
I have always done this but never really thought about other people doing it in order to be happy until I read this. So true and awesome! I would always rather drive myself somewhere or go to someone else's house so I can control my exit and leave when I was ready. I remember before Jonathan and I lived together I would like to have people over for dinner and whatnot, but once people are over for an hour or two I'm really ready for them to leave so I can go back to having my own personal time. (Not to sound like a person-hating hermit. I just value my "me" time and perhaps need more of it than some people do!)

I hope you enjoyed! I have more to share at a later time but this is all I've got in me for now.

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  1. Oh my, that extreme organizing post! Love it!
    Hope all's well with whatever's making you anxious!