Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh What A Night! (Or Two)

(Love that song! :o)

The past two nights have been great, despite the fact I was supposed to go kayaking both nights and both nights did not go kayaking. (I did decide to name my kayak Baranof, after the manager of the Russian-American Company. He seems like a pretty interesting guy. Anyway...)

Monday night Whitney and I initially decided just to take a walk, but then decided to hike up to Carlanna Lake, which is right in town and I have NEVER been there!! A lake right in Ketchikan I've never been to! Since it was a twenty minute or so walk to the trailhead from our respective homes we decided to just go for it. I'm so glad we did! It was gorgeous!

There is a trail that goes partway around the lake and we hiked part of it but then it was starting to get late and dark and there are bears out this time of year so we decided to head back.

We were greeted by some pretty sky on our way back home, so that was pretty nice, as well.

Tuesday night I was supposed to go kayaking, as well, but that also didn't work out. I will go someday, I know this! What I did do was go through some of my boxes here and consolidated some stuff and started getting another box together to send to Jonathan. There are summer/warm weather clothes that I wear quite a bit in Portland but they just aren't getting wear here, so I am sending them back instead of hauling them around with me. I am thankful to have the option of parcel post, since it is so cheap! I did get more stuff listed on Ketchikan SaleCycle and Ketchikan Classifieds, so that was pretty cool! Got a few nibbles at my stuff, but nothing confirmed yet.

After getting cleaning and organizing done I decided to go over to the next house I'm housesitting to get my organic veggies from their Full Circle Farms box. I won't actually go stay there until Saturday but if veggies are calling my name, well, I better heed their call! I was greeted to an absolutely gorgeous view when I arrived!

I can't wait to stay here!

Totally loving my car and these salmies. Blue is a good color. :o)

I picked up the key to the house and then headed back to the condo with my veggie haul. They left me about ten Roma tomatoes, some cucumbers, two ears of corn, and some mushies. Perfect! I also grabbed some mozzarella from their fridge, so that, plus some tomatoes and cucumber, will make a very refreshing salad for tomorrow! I can hear Jonathan teasing me in my head for my rampant love of raw tomatoes. :o)

Back at the condo I realized what my key situation right now is like. I have so many!

Hard to totally see. I think there are nine there? I feel like a janitor.

I just want to share one more SUPER cool thing that I am really, really glad I found on Monday when I was at my dad's shop. It's a compass set that was my grandpa's and I actually used it in my sophomore year geometry class in high school. It has always been in the back of my mind of things I wanted to find and I actually found it right away. I was amazed. I am so happy to have found this!!

So, so happy to have found this!

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  1. That compass set is so cool! So nice to have nifty things like that with sentimental value.