Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Friday!

Yesterday it wasn't until 8:30pm that I was done working for the day. So busy! It was so amazing sleeping in! I was in bed and ASLEEP on Wednesday night by 10pm! I used my earplugs so that the neighbours wouldn't wake me up (as they have a few nights since I've been here) and I slept like a baby! When I finally got up and around about 7:15 I felt completely rested and ready for the day. I had a few small cups of French press coffee and I was ready to go! The coffee shop was steady all day, which was nice. When I got off work I headed out to my dad's shop to go through some of my old things in storage to get things together for the garage sale we are having at the coffee shop on Saturday. I hope some of my things sell!

I filled my car up and headed back out to the coffee shop. I drove many miles that evening. I had to dust everything off because it was all SO dusty from being in storage for a decade! It feels sooooo good to be getting rid of more things! The storage area looks so much better already, but I still have a lot of work to do.

I had to pull over on the way back out to the coffee shop to take a picture of this ominous-looking cloud. We had a storm rolling in, so it was neat to actually see it!

I put all of my stuff in the coffee shop and today my plan is to put prices on things or figure out how to make labels or something along those lines. I had to open the shop this morning because I am going to my friend's to clean after work again. My goal is to vacuum and clean the kitchen today. We'll see how much I am able to accomplish! Hopefully lots! I think tonight I will need to take all of my other stuff out to the next house I am staying at. Tomorrow night there are two different birthday parties I am going to, so that is out of the question! And I don't yet know what time my friends whose house I'm staying at now come back to town on Sunday, so I want to make sure that all of my things except the absolute basics are back at the other house. I did drop off several things at my dad's shop last night that I know I won't need for awhile and it sucks having to haul around, like all of my camping gear. Won't need that for a bit!

In recent photography news I ordered an Epson V500 photo/negative scanner from Amazon!

This is going to save me quite a bit of money in the long run (and not even a "long" long run, the way I have been shooting film lately) and also I will have more control over my photos. I bought the Digitaliza negative holders from Lomography and so I will be mailing off my film to Citizen's in Portland to have them develop the negatives and send them back to me. I'll then scan my negatives and have control over picture size, colors, and all the little tweaks that go with it. I'm pretty excited!

I also ordered some slide film a few days ago, so I'll be able to shoot pictures and get them cross-processed, which I am suuuuper excited about!!! So much film photography excitement for me lately!

I'm having a soap sale! Use code SUNSHINE in my Etsy shop to get 10% off your order! Good through July 31!

And with that I wish you all happy Friday and a great weekend!!


  1. I have a V500 and I love it. I would have loved to have gotten the V700, but I just couldn't bring myself to spend the extra money for it.

  2. Oh, nice! Yeah, the V700 is SO much more expensive than the V500! It seems like this one is sooo popular, so I am looking forward to trying it out!