Monday, July 25, 2011

A Great Weekend: Friends, Faux Hawks, and Instagram!

Hello, friends, and happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I know I sure did! On Saturday at work we had our garage sale and I kicked some booty! I managed to make enough money to pay off my kayak and then still made a little bit!! So excited!! Now I can focus on putting money into savings.

The goods

My friend donated DVDs for me to sell. I sold a bunch!!

After I got home I was planning on going to two birthday parties, but I still had to clean up the house I had been staying in and that took longer than anticipated. I didn't have time to go to the first one, so I picked up Whitney and we headed out to Murgen's. The theme of the party was "ABC - Anything But Clothes." Whitney had a pretty awesome evening gown made from a tarp and I had a trash bag mini dress with a sash made from cinches tied together. ;o)

I'm hoping someone comes through with a good picture of my outfit, but this is what I looked like up top!

There was a lot of delicious goodness happening in this fridge!

The party was great fun and I wish I could have stayed longer, but I still had to go back to the house and pack my things into my car so I could go stay the night at the other house. (MOVING IS SO FUN.) Whitney was nice and awesome enough to help me haul all of the stuff down to my car, and so I headed back out to House #6, which is located right on the beach! It's so pretty!

I was supposed to go fishing on Sunday, so I had to be up early to find out if we were going. It turns out it was going to be too windy in the afternoon to fish, so I had a lovely day of lounging around and relaxing. I read two magazines and enjoyed three cups of coffee. I finally went into town around 2pm and went grocery shopping, picking up yummy stuff to eat because Whitney was coming over!

I started using Instagram again so I took photos of my evening and thought I'd share some here.


Foxglove at the beach

Preliminary beachcombing finds

Strawberries from the garden


Healthy and delicious

Ended up finding two eagle feathers!

Did everyone else have a nice weekend? I'd love to see links to blog posts about what you did!

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    Also love the beachcombing finds photo. So sweet!