Monday, March 28, 2011

CLOSED: Tuesday Giveaway from Pro-Soap Propaganda!

Today's giveaway is from ME! I'm giving away a piece of my yummy North Star soap.

Looks like this!

Like a bigger version of the Dwarf Stars. :o)

What I've got to say about the soap...

"The North Star is another name for Polaris, the star that sits almost directly above the north pole. Used for celestial navigation, it will always appear to be fixed in the sky. The North Star is well-known in Alaska, because it is the last star in the "handle" of Ursa Minor, otherwise known as the "Little Dipper." The "Big Dipper" is on the Alaska state flag, so these constellations are quite loved!

My North Star soap has a light lemony scent with lemon zest and poppyseeds for extra scrubbie. I used lemon essential oils to create this fresh smell that is perfect for spring! I try to use organic ingredients whenever possible for my soap, because I want all of the ingredients to be nourishing for your skin and the earth. The only real chemical in the soap is sodium hydroxide, which is necessary because soap is not soap without it!"

How do you win this print? Visit my Etsy shop and comment back here with another soap you'd love to own.

Want to know how to get more entries? Also easy!

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Whichever else you choose to do, leave a message back here with a link to your tweet, post, or that you "liked" me on Facebook/"hearted" me on Etsy, etc. and those will be counted for extra entries!

The giveaway ends at 6pm PST, Monday, April 4, so get your entries in! The winner will be notified by email so make sure there is an obvious way to contact you. :o)

Want to know about next week's giveaway? It'll be a gorgeous pair of earrings from Those Alaskan Girls!


  1. The other soap I would LOVE to have is the Lemon Snappies - I have thing for lemon. Makes me feel clean and delicious.

    I just tweeted this post.
    I'm already following you on Twitter

  2. Wow. First time on your site and I instantly fell in love with your work! Would also like to try Chinook Grapefruit Orange :D
    Tweeted, Followed, and Liked with fingers crossed!


  3. Wow, both Chinook Grapefruit Orange and North Star soap sound amazing! Citrus scents are my favorite-they wake me up and give me energy for the day. Thanks, @meganmonique for turning me on to this! RTed, followed, wish wished! :)

  4. All of your soaps look so amazing. I tweeted and liked you.

  5. Yummy! I love handmade soap. That Chinook Grapefruit one looks amazing as well.

    *Heart Pro-Soap Propaganda on Etsy- DONE
    *Like Pro-Soap Propaganda on Facebook- DONE
    *Like Pro-Soup Propaganda on Facebook- DONE
    *Follow PSP through Google Friend Connect- DONE

  6. I'm cheating because I already follow you everywhere. Like a friendly stalker! And Dolly Varden is probably my soul mate.

  7. yay for your soap and etsy shop. I'd also like to own the snappy rockfish lemongrass ginger. I love ginger and was just talking to a friend who loves lemongrass... I may just need to order some.

  8. I think I must own all of them...but if I had to pick one (alright, TWO): Dolly Varden & Chinook top my list!

  9. Nothing better than handmade, organic soap...I love the concept of your North Star soap and the Rockfish Lemongrass is awesome!

  10. Raindog soap and the snappy rockfish lemongrass for me. I love lemongrass--it is so uplifting. Your soaps look amazing!!

  11. I'm looking forward to the rosemary peppermint! I already follow & like you ever where! haha now I sound like a stalker!! but don't worry about putting me in the entry, let one of these other lovelies win!

  12. Ooooh, I love soap! I make my own too but can never use enough to justify the next batch. I'll need to start sending them out as gifts. (I'd love to chat formulas with you if you're willing to share.)
    Since the batches I have made at home are blends of either orange, lemon, or grapefruit (I obviously love a good citrus smell), I'd love to try your CocoMocha Java to change pace and get inspiration!
    I also hearted you on Etsy and liked on Facebook.

  13. ok hopefully this posts! i have tried entering your other giveaways but my comments never show up! i wanna try your cocomocha java soap sometime, really i wouldn't mind trying all of them. they all sound great!

  14. it would have to be the rain-dogg! beer in soap...i love you brittany, you are amazing!

    i just favorited your etsy shop! and i already do all those other things. :)