Monday, June 20, 2011

Random Catchup Post of Randomosity

I have way too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Lack of communication between me and other people has been causing me some stress. My housing situation will hopefully soon be less stressful. As of Sunday evening I am officially out of the house that I thought would be my "base house" while I was here in Ketchikan. So I have been trying to move my stuff out of that house to the house I'm house-sitting currently. While at this house I have been going through my stuff and re-evaluating its place in my life. I am going to mail a big box of stuff back to Portland that I will no longer need now that I won't be in a set place. It has felt awesome to go through my things, though. I have given some stuff away, managed to sell some things, and made a little bit of money, which is nice! I even have a mental list of things that I'm ready to give away or sell once I get back to Portland, which still won't even be until October. I guess you can all expect the big purge sometime then. ;o)

On Wednesday night I will be staying with Murgen for a week and a half, which is going to be pret-ty darn fun, me-thinks. Jurgen's six year old son Tiernan will be there for part of the time, which is going to be great because he is so funny! I was over at their house for dinner last night and they apparently all had a conversation about me because he actually thought I was a kid because of my height. Ah ha ha ha!! We will have good times.

Image from Lomography.

Isn't this camera amazing?! Lomography's La Sardina came out the other day and I knew I needed it pretty much immediately. I mean, it not only has FISH on it, but it is one of my favorite color combinations, red and blue! Of course, it also has features I'm pretty excited to use, like the wide angle lens and I'm SUPER excited to play around with the long exposures! I actually ordered this bundle set so I can play around with the long exposures. You can see all four of the new La Sardina cameras here. They're all so cute! (In other analogue news, I mailed off two rolls of Diana Mini film and one roll of Diana film on Saturday. YAY!)

Whitney's 21st birthday was earlier this week! We had a big get-together at Oceanview on Saturday night and she got to wear the birthday sombrero and the restaurant sang to her. It was amazing. And she got the birthday soapapillas! So, so delicious.

I just want to mention this little guy because he (she?) is so cute. :o) I call him "Bathroom Betta" because he lives in one of the bathrooms at the house here. He's so interactive! I've never seen a betta that moved around so much and seemed to be actively interested in people/movement. Bathroom Betta seems to enjoy having people stand in front of his tank and talk to him and likes to chase fingers being drawn back and forth in front of his tank. Maybe this is normal betta behavior, but I've never kept them, so I have no clue! He's a cutie, though!

Today is the last day to enter my Tuesday Giveaway from last week before tomorrow's starts, so get on it if you want to win a pair of Alaskan beach rock earrings made by Nature of Art!!

I'll be back soon with an eco-friendly find I'm excited to have ordered from Alima Pure! In case you missed my last eco-friendly post or any of the other ones, you can find them all here!

In final, most exciting news before I sign off for this post...Jonathan will be here on Saturday!!!!! YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! I haven't seen him in two months! I'm so excited! (P.S. Today is our monthiversary!)


  1. I just wanted to say - enjoyed reading your randomness round-up : )

  2. Yay, thank you! Randomness is good. ;o)

  3. YAYYY Jonathan visit!!! XOXOX.

  4. I knoooowwww!!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!!!

  5. Pro-Sopapilla Propaganda?