Monday, June 13, 2011

Life Update

As you know (if you are a usual reader of this blog), I have been house-sitting at a house out on North Tongass. Well, the owner of the house wanted the house back, so instead of having a "base" place for me to live for the summer when I was not house-sitting for other people, I now don't have that. It's a disappointment for me, but I'm trying to see the best of it. Now it basically means every two weeks or so I will have to load up my entire life in Ketchikan into my car and go somewhere else. I'm at a house that has all sorts of fun stuff right now, like a hot tub and not just one but TWO dishwashers (!), so I'm really enjoying being here. After I'm done house-sitting for these friends I'll be going out to Myurgen's house for a week and a half until my next house-sitting job starts again. I am so thankful Myurgen said I could stay with them when I don't have anywhere else to go!

I am pretty happy about these pictures coming up. I have been wanting to take more exciting photos of my soaps, so before I left to visit my mom I took all of the soaps that I had around the house that weren't wrapped outside to take new pictures of them and I'm really happy how they turned out!

Eventually I'll take new pictures of all the soaps and better pictures of the soaps in their super cute wrapping (although you can see many pictures of them on the fan page), but that will happen in time. I'm at least happy to get this far! I was super productive last night and managed to make two double batches of soap! I managed to get two loaves each of the Chinook and the Snappy Rockfish. Also, I now have the oils to make shampoo bars with! They'll be made with Deschutes' Black Butte Porter, honey, sunflower oil, and other yummy stuff. The recipe sounds good enough to eat!

Something I need to get back into doing is cooking better meals for myself again. Now that I'll have more fridge space than a dorm-size fridge I need to start making more quality meals. I feel like I've just been kinda half-assing it and I'm tired of it. I miss cooking! But I am also super tired when I get home from working all day, so I'm not sure where the line is drawn. I'm still eating mostly healthy, but I think I'm eating more processed food than I'm used to and I'm not getting enough of my beloved vegetables right now. Anyway, just something that's been on my mind lately!

That's all I got right now. I have jumped right in back to work and moving my stuff around since I got back into town on Friday and I am pooped! I hope everyone has a great week!!


  1. Sorry to hear about housing upset...I hope you'll still have an awesome your soap ..keep making it!

  2. Thank you! Yes, summer will still be awesome, but will be a little more of a pain in the butt with having to take ALL of my stuff to different places, you know?

    Will definitely keep making soap! I am going to try and make a bunch while I am at this house because they have dishwashers and I have used some of their pots and stuff, which was really helpful last night! I managed to get more soap made in way less amount of time and clean-up was way, way better!

  3. That shampoo sounds pretty great!!

    I hear you on cooking & eating well. I told Ben the other night that I want us to start eating healthier. I've gotten into some really bad habits in the last while. I want to eat better, "real" food! Haha.