Friday, May 13, 2011

Veggie Canning, Soap, and the Sky

The past couple of days have been a whirlwind. It seems as though I have something to do every night, whether it's something crafty or something to do with friends. On Monday I went out with friends to pick fiddleheads again. They had never done it before, but we were quite successful! My friend's son Tosh was the official "Fiddlehead Finder," so our success may be in part to his excellent execution of his duties. ;o)

 I forget what Tosh's sign meant. It looks like "okay" (obviously) but he'd made up another meaning. Either way, the kid is cute and has excellent fiddleheading skills. He will be a master someday.

 This swing at Ward Lake has been there since I can remember. It's cool to see kids using it who are an age that I remember swinging on it as!


Wednesday night's sunset from Murphy's Landing.

Wednesday night's sunset from Refuge Cove. I LOVE living a mile from my favorite beach!!

 Dusk at Refuge Cove. Beautiful. (And cold.)

 I finished pickling more fiddleheads this week and also tried my hand at pickled carrots, something Jonathan and I both love! I think next time I will cut the carrots into medallions so that more space in every jar isn't wasted. Oh, well. It was my first time.

 From knowing no canning skills to learning a week ago, this is what I have accomplished. Yeah!!

 Thursday morning was gorgeous!

I've made this much soap lately! Some of it is done curing and I just need to wrap it, but the Fireweed (upper left) and KAKOW! (lower right) are pretty new. The house smells great!

Thursday night's sunset outside my office window. So pretty! I could take a million sky photos.

And that, my friends, has been what's going on the past few days. I also went to yoga for the first time in a couple months on Thursday night and it was SO great. An hour and a half of stretching and even pushing myself a little bit since I haven't done yoga in so long and we were also in a room that had wrestling-type mats on the floor (it was at the rec center) so it was harder to do the balancing poses, something which I'm usually fairly good at. It still felt good to move!

This weekend I am apparently going as a "representation of a parrot" to a party with Myurgen tonight and going to my former boss's retirement party at the Moose Lodge on Saturday night. Who knows what adventure Sunday may bring? (Hopefully either a boat or fishing...)

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P.P.S. I AM FINALLY ABLE TO POST THIS OMG. Blogger has been down and I couldn't even save stuff. Ugh.


  1. 'Thank you for fiddleheading with me. It was really fun'. From Toshx

  2. Awwwwwww!!! Tosh is the bestest! And now all of my 67 readers (plus or minus a few) know just how awesome Tosh is, as well. ;o)

  3. THAT is one of the cutest little boys I have seen in a very long time! My goodness, he is gorgeous!!

  4. Jenner, he is SO FREAKING CUTE. I wish you could meet him! He is very smart, has great manners, makes eye contact, makes good conversation, etc. All the good things you hope for in a kid! Brooke and her hubby Charlie are great parents! I love spending time with well-mannered kids. Tosh also tells great stories. Maybe him and the Peapod could meet someday....? He's only four or so years older than her. ;o)

  5. What a cute and beautiful post!! Love all the photos. And all that canning!! Wonderwoman.