Monday, May 30, 2011

Kayak Safety Class and Getting Ready to Camp!

Huzzah for a great weekend! The kayak safety class was so super awesome on Saturday! It ended up just being me, Gretchen, Terry, and Brian, so it was all people I'm great friends with! Greg, James, and the girl who was really nice whose name I didn't quite catch were all excellent! I felt like I learned a lot, but I really want to actually take the class again, one on one. Or Jonathan and I talked about him doing the class with just us when he comes up to visit (which will be in just over a month!!!! For a whole week!!!! :oD). I really could have used the smaller group setting because my brain was totally slow at picking up what I was supposed to do. I'm not usually really easily distracted but seeing something once and then having to do it myself is not something I'm good at. I still do feel like I learned a lot and now I just need to practice what I've learned! I still give the day A+!

What we did is kayaked over to Snow's Cove over on Pennock and then practiced our maneuvers there under the watchful eyes of two Nigerian pygmy goats (really). On the way back the wind had picked up and it took a little longer to get back, but it was still great fun. I love kayaking! Brian would like to take Whitney to practice some of the techniques we learned, so I'm hoping to get in on that to practice some.

I did wear my new Stohlquist BetSEA PFD, which was AWESOME. I totally love it! It fit perfectly and was extremely comfortable the whole time. It never moved on me and having the fleecey-lined pockets was a nice treat and were warm even when wet from us doing our rolls in the water. I can't wait to get out there and use it more! There was even a perfect place to secure my camera to so I could take pictures while we were out. I seriously love this PFD.

Here's some of the pictures that I took, but you can see them all in this album:

The day started off being warm and sunny, weather-wise, but then got overcast and windy. It was still fairly warm out. After we got back from our class we all headed up to Terry and Gretchen's, where we hung out in the hot tub for two hours and took pictures like these:

Photos by Terry!

And now I am trying to hurriedly type this because I am supposed to go camping with Myurgen (Sunday night)! They just picked me up from Brian's and took me to our friend Stine's house for homemade birthday pizza by her husband Jimbo, who easily ties with Brian for best homemade pizza ever. Seriously, this stuff is amazing! So tonight I'll be camping FINALLY out at Ward Lake, which I haven't camped at in years and year, so that should be pretty fun! Photos to come later! :o)

I hope everyone else is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend! I am actually working today (Monday), so I'm hoping that I got some sleep as I camped last night.

P.S. Today marks one week until I will be in Anchorage visiting my mom! Yeah!!

P.P.S. Maybe I will not be so busy someday and I can totally write a full blog post again, huh? :o)

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