Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hiking Lower Silvis Lake

The Prodigal Steve has returned! Heidi had texted me about working her shift today (Tuesday) because her cousin is getting married and she has some family stuff going on this week. However, if Steve did not come in, she would come in to roast coffee. Luckily, Steve returned to the shop and coffee was roasted and things are back to normal!! Huzzah!

Okay, not totally back to normal. Heidi is taking the week off, I will be going into work a little earlier every day this week to make up for the kayak safety class I am taking on Saturday, and then I'll be working on Monday next week and taking a different day off to hang out with my dad to go either out in the boat for fishing or we'll go flying! WHEW! The crazy life of Brittany is a never-ending thing. ;o)

On Monday I ended up hiking to Lower Silvis Lake with my friend Sharron and Ada, my friend Whitney's dog. We had a great time! Here's a few pictures from our hike, but you can see the rest of the pictures in this album.

Part of the pipeline supplying water to the hydroelectric plant.

Miss Ada! Happiest PomPug ever! (She is half Pomeranian, half pug, all excitement and wiggles.)


The snow was still hip-height to me in a lot of places closer to the lake. That's almost three feet deep there!

Successfully made it!

Will Stina ever get tired of me doing this? ;o) Those mountains are Canadian and British Columbia is Right There! (I am more Canadian than U.S. ;o)

Elk fern. I just think it looks neat!

So Monday was a great day! Today was pretty good, as well. I came home after work and took a 2.5 hour long nap. I was so tired! I will be meeting up with Christie of Volleyballgirl and Nature of Art fame later tonight for a beer on the Arctic deck. I totally love summer in Ketchikan. :o)


  1. that pug cracks me up! she smiling!

  2. Stephanie, she is the smiliest PomPug EVER! Granted, she is the only one I know, but she is super cute and a total dork. I love her. :o)

    And, Stina...good...mwah ha ha ha...because there are many more places to see B.C. from my locational areas. ;o)