Friday, May 6, 2011

First Foray Into Canning: Pickled Fiddleheads!

Finally! I have canned! I spent twenty minutes on Wednesday picking a couple pounds of fiddleheads with the intent of pickling them to eat later this year. I'm happy to say my first canning experience turned out well and I'm thinking I'll have some yummy fiddleheads later this year!

This is what I did...

I picked off all the brown furry stuff that the ferns sometimes have on them.

 I felt very satisfied and happy after cleaning fiddleheads for almost 2.5 hours!

 I boiled them twice to get rid of some of the tannins and bitterness they can have. After boiling them I put them in jars.

 I boiled my pickling brine.

I waited for the water to boil and then waited for the jars to seal.

Voila! Four beautiful jars of pickled fiddleheads that I will enjoy later this year!

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  1. Congrats on canning! Somehow, I keep finding excuses to put off learning how to do it myself.