Friday, April 8, 2011

Things I'm loving lately: Fish!

I have loved fish and fish-like things ever since I can remember. I like eating them, catching them, admiring how shiny and cool their scales are, and looking at them up close. I love fishing but I always have someone I'm with whack the fish to kill it because I can't hit something with a stick, whether or not I'm going to eat it. I respect fish. Rockfish are the reason I learned to scuba dive. I loved them so much on land that I needed to see them up close in the water. I had aquariums (five going at once, including a 55 gallon) full of mostly catfish (I am also a catfish nerd...don't get me started talking about corydoras and synodontii). So this TILL goes out to my fishie friends!

 I think Brooke read my mind and made a wallet with my most favorite fish EVER! The Snapper wallet by Saltybags!

This totally awesome China rockfish (one of my faves) gyotaku from Orchidstreetstudio!
(Gyotaku is what I am learning, but I am not this good, obviously. ;o)

This copper rockfish hanging from Natureartstudio!

(Because all proper salmon know enough to keep out of the rain.)

I hope that even if you are not usually an appreciator of fish and fishy things that you still enjoyed seeing a few fun items. Thanks for reading!

P.S. I am excited about tomorrow because I am hanging out at Sharron Huffman's studio tomorrow and will be printing gyotaku, much like the one seen above, all day! I have these fish ready for printing and I'm good to go!


  1. Thanks so much! Love all your fish-y finds!

  2. Great finds! Thanks for featuring my retro fish print!

  3. Wow! These are some amazing fish - I'm totally honored that you've included my Kokanee. Thank you!

  4. The fish stuffies are my favorite. What a cute post! xo

  5. I grabbed your button! Your blog & shop are both super cute!
    (ps...the html was messed up on mine the right html is on my sidebar now!!)