Monday, April 11, 2011

Gyotaku, Alaskans, a Fur Dog, and Salmon

Whew! What a weekend! I got SO much done around the apartment, made a bunch of soap, had a great time with friends, and made some art!

It was really sunny on Friday, so I took Artoo outside and brushed him. And brushed and brushed and brushed and finally got a ton of fur off of him, as you can see! His coat looks much sleeker and nicer and I think that he appreciates how much more handsome he looks. There is definitely less fur in the apartment now.

On Saturday I went to Sharron's house to make some art! I'm trying to get as much instruction and knowledge from her as possible before I go up to Ketchikan, because I'd like to make some art while I'm up there. Here's a few pictures from our session, but if you'd like to see all the photos they're in this album:

 This was my fourth print of this fish. He was being problematic! Leaky and weird scale definition. Finally started turning out okay, though! I think I printed him eight times.

 Yay, finally!

 Sharron started with color on the pompano. I'd never done color before!

 She made him pretty.

This was my best print of the pompano. Such pretty fish!!

I had a great day of printing with her and was feeling pretty good when I got home. Jonathan had completed all of his cleaning chores on the honey-do list I'd left him. He does good! The kitchen was clean, so I decided to make some soap. I made two batches of soap I hadn't made before. KAKOW! is vanilla with cocoa nibs in it and Midnight Sun is rose and clary sage scented with rose hips. Both smelled so good! Not the best photos since they're cellphone photos, but you get the point. :o)


I was trying to layer the rose hips in the soap. It didn't totally turn out how I'd planned, but it still looks nice and smells good, so I'm happy.

Saturday night we headed to North. Seth had said there would be Alaskans there "so bring your camera!" How many pictures in this same spot in the bar am I part of? This picture is just one of many that happened.

Can you feel the energy?

Sunday was another random, but excellent day. Because I'm leaving Portland in three weeks, I wanted to go back to my most favorite place to eat in town ever, the Blue Pig. Jonathan finally got their Breakfast Mary from their breakfast cocktail menu.

It's basically a bloody Mary, but made with bacon-infused vodka, bacon salt, actual house-smoked bacon, and a pickled egg. I tried it and it was okay, but I am not a huge bloody Mary fan. Jonathan really liked it, though!

After the Blue Pig we did our grocery shopping and then headed home, where I took a two hour nap. It was so awesome. After I got up I made a double batch of Mocha Java soap. It smells so good making it! (It smells good making every soap, though.) This is what our dining room table looks like at the moment. I have that much soap curing in our spare bedroom, as well. I'm trying to stock up for when I go to Ketchikan, so Ketchikan folks, be ready for some yummy soap in T-minus three weeks! (See you officially on May 1!)

I was so excited to cook dinner because I have been so busy that Jonathan has been cooking dinner most every night. I really missed cooking, though, because I love it! So I sauteed some mushrooms and kale and we had gotten a yummy sockeye from Freddie's (which I love because they sell wild Alaskan salmon for cheap and it's delicious). I decided to just bake one half tonight with salt, pepper, and herbs, and then the other fillet I am making sockiyaki with (marinate the salmon in a bag of teriyaki sauce for a few days - freaking delicious).

 Our wee five pound salmon. They're so leetle compared to the kings I'm used to catching!

 Kitties love helping make sockiyaki.

Delicious and healthy dinner! Yes!

We watched "The Big Lebowski" while we ate and then I headed to bed. This was such an awesome and fun weekend! I did so much awesome stuff! I can't wait until next weekend, though, because Renai is coming to visit me!!

P.S. Other awesome news: I am visiting my mom in June to help her work on her cabin in Soldotna! I haven't seen my mom since March of 2009, so I am really excited! Also, I am officially on the list for the New Belgium brewery tour when I go to the Nature Printing Society workshop in August! I forgot that New Belgium is in Fort Collins, so I am really, really excited. I really like N.B.'s beer and their philosophy and I like supporting them!! LIFE IS EXCITING!!


  1. Wow, that drink is kind of outrageous! I sort of thought you were kidding before, haha. But hey, sounds like a good adventure (in edibles)!

    I had no idea it had been so long since you'd seen your ma! That should be a great visit!

  2. What a great weekend you had! Loved the pictures!

    How long does it take you to make each batch of soap roughly. At first when I read through the part about the kitchen being clean and you decided to make soap, I had read it as "soup" and when I looked at the soap pictures I was instantly curious what kind of "soup" you were making! LOL I re-read it and then it clicked...hahaha!



  3. Ha ha that's so cool! I can totally remember doing that whole fish printing in like kindergarten!