Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Pictures From My Diana Mini!

Okay, some of you may not care an ounce about this, but I ran my first roll of film through my Diana Mini and I'm really pleased with the results! I already own a Diana, but I like that the Mini uses 35mm film, which I could have developed in town when I'm in Ketchikan. I still plan on taking my Diana, but will have to send the 120 film to Citizen's Photo. Plus, I'm kinda of anal about the Diana's care, but I really like how small and portable the Mini is. After seeing these photos, I'm loving it!

I've been trying to document a lot of the "Portlandy" things that I love so that I can look at the photos when I go to Alaska (and it's raining sideways). Portland is sooo beautiful and I'm really, really thankful I live here now, but I'm going to miss it for those five or six months!

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