Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ahhh...This Is Relaxation

Hello, friends. I'm writing you this from a very comfy, giant-sized bed in the Herman Melville room of the Sylvia Beach Hotel.

This is easily one of the most awesome hotels I've ever been in. Did I mention the view from our room isn't too shabby either?

So far there has been a lot of relaxing and listening to the waves and seagulls.

We have not yet found the hotel cats but I see their presence around here.

The kitty condo is covered in the same fabric as the floor!

We decided to eat dinner at the hotel after hearing people rave about the food. I had the salmon (naturally) and Jonathan had the lamb. We sat at a table with three other people staying at the hotel and overall it was a lot of fun! The dinner was SO good and I'm really glad we ate at the hotel!

The lady sitting next to me at dinner is in the Tolkien room. The key fob is awesome!! (I am a Tolkien nerd.)

After dinner we went on a search for the hotel kitties. Finally found them!

Shelley is a lovely orange longhair who bit me right off the bat. It was a love bite, though.

P.S. I am excited about Shelley's name because Mary Shelley wrote "Frankenstein," which is one of my most favorite books. I know people usually think of any Hollywood movie monster stuff, but I implore you to actually read Shelley's book because it has a lot of hidden social commentary and was really ahead of its time. (Book nerd over 'n' out.)

Dickens is a little more reserved. He has hilariously puffy cat cheeks and wouldn't stay still long enough for me to take a better picture of him.

Possibly THE coolest thing ever, a carving of humpback whales going hunting for "something." The two in the back are rowing and the one up from is holding a spear. Freakin' awesome. I wish I owned this.

It is now 10pm on Sunday night and it is pouring rain sideways. There is a storm weather watch and possible gusts to 60. The storm watcher in me is really excited to see all this from the comfort and warmth of the library in the hotel tomorrow. :o)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! What did you do?


  1. Love the photo from the bed of the room! Looks so artsy! And yay for book nerd-ery :) Love it! And Dickens kitty. And the whale sculpture!!

  2. Sounds like you're having a great time...hotel cats might be the cutest idea ever. And I know my two cats would be jealous of that massive kitty condo. Enjoy!

  3. Beyond jealous!! That is my favorite hotel of all time, and a really good storm to boot! If I close my eyes tight enough I can hear the waves and taste the spiced wine.

  4. Alli, the kitty condo is down the next flight of stairs and around the corner and I always rush to get down there *just* in case one of the cats is on it. I have spent a lot of time looking for the cats. :o)

    Trevin, which room do you usually stay in? I really wanted the Twain room but it was out of our price range for this trip. We've peeked our heads into any available rooms and I gotta say that the Melville is my favorite because our apartment has nautical touches, too!

    Stina, everything in here is so awesome! I hope someday in life you are able to visit. When we got here yesterday there was a car in the lot with a B.C. plate and I squealed. :o) I have never spent so much time in a hotel that I've been staying at, I don't think. I love it here!

    Stina, everything is awesome! I have never s

  5. I always love to read good things people have to say about where I work.
    Did you know that in just a few weeks, the building will turn 100 - and the SBH will be 25?
    You can always find us on Facebook, too!

    p.s. Dickens lives in Portland now, with a friend of Goody's (one of the owners). He decided it was time to 'manage' another building. Apparently, he's got the residents of the apartment building all under control.
    Shelly is much happier now.

  6. Oh, that's awesome! I would love to go stay there again sometime. I really, really liked the Melville room, so I'd be totally happy to stay there again. I'll have to branch out to other rooms eventually, though. ;o)

    Glad to hear the kitties are both still doing good! They were a high point in our visit for sure.