Monday, February 7, 2011

Ray-Bans, Pie, and the Blue Pig

Wow, what a great weekend this was!

I got up Saturday morning and busted out quite a bit of class work for my music history class. It felt good to get as much done as I did! That was the productive part of my morning. Then I had to get ready because I was meeting my online friend Lisa for the first time! We met up at Bipartisan Cafe, where I quickly found out they served the best pie in Portland!

Lisa was awesome and brought me some fresh eggs - fresh as of that morning!

We had a great time! I'm really looking forward to the next time we're able to get together. Besides, I have to give her the egg carton back. :o)

I headed home to pick up Artoo and Jonathan, because we had errands to run and one of those was Artoo needing his nails trimmed. We go to Hair of the Dog up on Alberta, which is convenient because it's right down the street from the Alberta Co-op. We had decided earlier this week that we are going to do most of our grocery shopping there because we want to support a local business. We're also thinking about becoming members, but that will come at a later time.

We got some really yummy-looking vegetables there, along with some turkey burger, delicious wine, and some real maple syrup. I'm excited to start shopping there because they have so much in bulk, so we can bring in our empty containers and fill them up. Some of the things they have in bulk are laundry detergent (!), the usual spices/grains/nuts/cereals, and even kitchen stuff like the maple syrup, olive oil, Bragg's amino acids, canola oil, shoyu, and balsamic vinegar. I'm really looking forward to shopping there and trying everything!

I got a new toothbrush there that I'm excited about. It's made of recycled #5 plastic, like the kind yogurt cups are made from. The company's name is Preserve. It comes in a pre-paid mailer so after three months, when it's time for a new toothbrush, I can mail it back to them. The toothbrush has a backwards curve in it, which I initially thought was kind of odd, but then I realized it made it SO much easier to brush behind my front teeth and get the back ones. My mouth really did feel cleaner. This toothbrush was only $3 so I definitely recommend it! Plus, they have good colors, too. Very important!

The last thing we did that I was really excited about was going to Eyedentity so I could order some Ray-Ban's Wayfarers. Like I mentioned before, I was REALLY excited to finally get some real ones! I've always had knockoffs from eBay, but now that I need prescription lenses I wanted some real ones. Plus, my vision insurance every year covers a pair of glasses. They take 20% off the price of the glasses and apply $200, so I only had to pay the difference, which was $95. Not too shabby!

They didn't have them in white (these are cream with different-colored temples), so they have to special order them for me. I should get them in about two weeks, which is fine because it's February in Portland and I'm not expecting much. ;o)

Sunday morning I took Jonathan to brunch at the Blue Pig Cafe, my favorite place to eat in Portland. Earlier this week I had gotten two vouchers from Living Social for $10 for $20 worth of food, so I was pretty excited to be eating there twice for about half price. I'm going to take Renai there next weekend (because she is coming to visit meeeee!!!! EXCITEMENT!!) and treat her. Two weeks at the Blue Pig makes Brittany happy. :o)

 We started with blood orange screwdrivers. They were amazing!

 Jonathan had chicken and waffles. It was delicious!

I had the savory special, which was pancetta, arugula, goat cheese, scrambled eggs, and tomato jam on ciabatta bread. Um, wow.

After the Blue Pig we ran a few errands and then came home, where I did some relaxing, cleaning (our bathroom is now spotless and I steam-mopped the apartment), and cooked a delicious dinner and also made some soup to eat for the next few days at work for lunch. Jonathan got together with some of his bandmates to jam a little bit so I got some alone time! I ended up watching "The Island of Dr. Parnassus," which I've been wanting to watch for a long time. It was good!

How was everyone else's weekend? What did you do?

P.S. One of the things I have been looking for in town is a bamboo soap dish. I contacted or went to five different places yesterday, no lie. I know I have seen them in town, but, suddenly, when I want one, there are none to be found. Luckily, I found them on Etsy from Bitsnyarns in British Columbia. Only $6 and that included shipping! So I am happy.

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