Friday, February 11, 2011

The Most Amazing Picture of Team Brittanathan Ever

Hello, my friends.

Today I am home all day, taking a vacation away from work. It will be a good day. I have big plans to do some cleaning and some homework, run errands, and bring Jonathan a coffee from Oui Presse at lunchtime. (Side note: I feel it is my mission to support this lady now. She has a quote in the newspaper that says, "Failure isn't an option." I like people like that.)

This week was too busy with school work to put together a "Things I'm Loving Lately" post, but I WILL leave you with this snazzy picture of Jonathan and I from prom in the 80's. I mean, from the 80's prom party two weeks ago. (I made it big so you can see the excellent detail.)

Picture by Beth Caldwell. Thanks, Beth!

I hope your weekend is as awesome as mine is going to be!


  1. the jeans, the sequins, the glasses and that hair! So awesome!!

  2. Totally rad. Thank you for a good morning laugh.