Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Do the gobble, the turkey gobble

As I sit here I have come home from my first day of working at Old Navy (or first night, that is) and all I have to say is that it was FUN! I am really excited to be working with all the nice people I am and it seems way better than when I worked at Papaya seasonally in 2008. I got five hours in under my belt tonight, bringing total hours worked today to thirteen! So now I am sitting at my computer, Alaskan Amber in hand, really thankful for the fact that Jonathan understands my need for alone time as much as I understand his. After being around people All Day, I really just need some time to myself to regroup! So I will only be working at Old Navy this week from 11pm Thursday night through to 7am Friday morning. Yes, that's right, all night for the big Black Friday sale! Woooooo! We have a turkey gobble dance to learn that you can find here. It is so silly. I love it.

In working graveyard shifts at the police department, I have learned I should stay up all day on Friday and go to bed at my normal time, in order to not disrupt my sleep schedule any more than it already will be. I've talked to Jess at AFB and I will be helping her this week, although I'm not sure when yet! But I am still excited to have four days off, punctuated by a night of work and a few hours for Jess. So fun!

So, yeah, that is today and what is going on soon. I need to eat a little something and go to bed. I am beat. Good night, all!

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