Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today and tonight!

I just wrote a super fun post that made me happy, but I can't post it quite yet. It'll be posted later in a few weeks, but I had a great time putting it together.

Today has been a great day. The goal for today was to take all three dogs for a quite. This proved to be quite the feat! My friend Andi came with me and walked Artoo while I handed Dusty and Yuki. At first, walking the three dogs was pretty comical. Each dog needed to figure out where they were going to walk and by who. Once they got that figured out we had a great time! Andi lives in a really pretty neighbourhood, so we did some large loops around it. (It's one of the neighbourhoods in Portland where the streets aren't laid out north/south. They curve and meander. It's easy to get lost.)

This was taken at the Laurelhurst School. This is THE largest sunflower I have ever seen. Andi and I are the same height (five feet) and it was easily twice as tall as we were! This school had many beautiful plants! (I would have taken more pictures, but juggling two dogs proved to keep me busy!) They had corn, more sunflowers, different other flowers, and what looked to even be some random vegetables. I was pretty impressed.

We continued walking and ended up on Glisan. Glisan is a main street, but still has many houses along it (in this section, at least), so we just decided to keep going. I'm so glad we did because we found this:

This is an entire succulent wall of chicks and hens!! Nothing but little succulents. Needless to say, we were delighted. It was so awesome. (I love succulents and have quite a few in our tiny apartment.)

Artoo was a happy pug for getting to be outside with some dog friends and his Aunt Andi, whom he loves. It was a great day!

We headed back to the car as it was a pretty warm day and the dogs seemed like they needed some water. When we got there it was nothing but tongues out. I had the air conditioning on, which helped, but the dogs and I were pooped!

I took this picture over my shoulder in the car, which is why it's a little wonky, but you will see all the happy dogs and three pink tongues! I am totally loving Yuki's *super* happy dog face in the back. Dusty is the little guy on the right and Artoo on the left. They were so happy!

We headed back home and I took a nap. Three dogs is a lot of work!

Quick side note: these pictures were taken with our new camera! We sold my Canon Powershot A540 and bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1. It's pretty snazzy! It's waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, etc. and 12 megapixels. I had been wanting a new camera for awhile and I'm SO glad Jonathan found this one! Plus, we were able to find it in the perfect shade of Team Brittanathan Blue on eBay.

Side note #2: "Team Brittanathan" is our celebrity couple name. Like Brangelina or TomKat. We're Team Brittanathan and we like blues and greens.

This is the first pic of Jonathan and I on the new camera:

We're pretty cute. We know. We practice! (No glasses on!)

And now I'm super excited about tonight. Andi, her friend Shanna, and I are going to a Bollywood night at a local venue. I used to take bhangra/Bollywood lessons, so I'm pretty stoked to be going. I haven't gone dancing in Portland since about this time last year, which is SAD because I used to go dance quite a bit in Ketchikan. I got moves, yo.

Just realized what time it is! I'm supposed to be at Andi's at 9pm, which is less than an hour, and I still need to get ready! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Tomorrow's exciting thing Jonathan and I are doing: bike racing at the velodrome!

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